Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce Surprise Fans with SNL Cameos

Taylor Swift 2

The pop star and the NFL player, who have been rumored to be dating, made unexpected appearances on the sketch comedy show.

Taylor Swift 2

SNL mocks NFL’s obsession with Swift and Kelce

Saturday Night Live returned for its 49th season with host Pete Davidson and musical guest Lizzo. The show wasted no time in poking fun at the NFL’s breathless coverage of Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce, who have been spotted together at several Kansas City Chiefs games.

In a parody of Fox NFL Sunday, the hosts, played by Kenan Thompson, Mikey Day, James Austin Johnson, Devon Walker and Molly Kearney, discussed the upcoming game between the New York Jets and the Philadelphia Eagles. However, they quickly got sidetracked by the topic of Swift and Kelce’s relationship.

“Alright. It’s week seven, and if any Taylor Swift fans are watching, the Chiefs game was on Thursday. You just missed her,” Thompson’s Curt Menefee said.

The hosts then debated whether Kelce was Swift’s boyfriend, how they met, what songs she wrote about him, and who her previous lovers were. They also showed off their Swift merchandise, such as friendship bracelets, concert tickets and cowboy hats.

They then cut to their sideline reporter, Kenny Ditullio, played by Pete Davidson, who was also dressed in Swift gear and looking for her in the stands. “So far no sign of Blondie, starting to wonder why I’m even here,” he said.

Taylor Swift joins Lizzo on stage

The surprises did not end there. During Lizzo’s second performance of the night, she sang her hit song “Juice” with a special guest: Taylor Swift. The two singers had a blast on stage, dancing and harmonizing together. The crowd went wild as they hugged and thanked each other at the end of the song.

Swift later posted a photo of her and Lizzo on Instagram, captioned “You’re the only juice I need @lizzobeeating”. Lizzo replied “I love you so much @taylorswift”.

Travis Kelce makes a cameo at the end of the sketch

The final surprise came at the end of the Fox NFL Sunday sketch, when Travis Kelce himself appeared on screen. He looked annoyed by the hosts’ obsession with his personal life and said “Yes, please!” when Menefee said they would talk to someone who actually wanted to talk football after the commercial break.

Kelce’s cameo elicited cheers and applause from the live audience and from Swift fans on social media. Many praised him for being a good sport and having a sense of humor about the situation.

Kelce and Swift have not confirmed or denied their relationship status, but they have been seen together several times since September. They first met at a charity event in Los Angeles and hit it off. They then attended a Chiefs game in Kansas City, where Swift cheered him on from his mother’s luxury box. They also hung out at a restaurant after the game and showed some PDA at an after-party.

Swift has been busy promoting her latest album “Anti-Hero”, which features songs inspired by her past and present relationships. Kelce has been playing for the Chiefs as their star tight end and has helped them win four games so far this season.

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