NBCU Set to Break Olympic Ad Sales Record with $1.2 Billion in Commitments


The 2024 Paris Olympic Games are poised to make history for NBCUniversal (NBCU) as the media giant surpasses all previous advertising records. With a staggering $1.2 billion in ad sales already committed, NBCU is on track to generate the most advertising revenue in Olympic history.


Record-Breaking Commitments

NBCU’s president of Olympic and Paralympic Sales, Dan Lovinger, revealed that the company has secured $1.2 billion in ad revenue for the upcoming Paris games, which are still months away. This figure exceeds the ad sales achieved during the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, which garnered just over $1.2 billion. Approximately $350 million of the current commitments come from new sponsors.

Key Advertising Categories

Several advertising categories are driving this unprecedented success. Non-alcoholic beverages, consumer packaged goods (CPG), financial services, retail, and entertainment have seen significant increases in ad spending. As the Olympics continue to captivate global audiences, brands recognize the unique opportunity to reach viewers during this prestigious sporting event.

Capitalizing on the Women’s Sports Boom

The Olympics are also capitalizing on the recent surge in interest in women’s sports. Following the record-breaking NCAA women’s tournament, advertisers are specifically supporting female Olympians. Over half of NBCU’s primetime coverage during the games will focus on women’s sports, providing an ideal platform to celebrate and salute women’s athletics at the highest level.

A Favorable Outlook

Paris being the first Olympics to allow spectators since the pandemic, coupled with a favorable time zone for US audiences, contributes to the optimistic outlook. NBCU’s digital advertising revenue for the Paris Olympics has already surpassed any previous Games, demonstrating the company’s adaptability to changing media consumption patterns.

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