Reddit’s CMO Roxy Young Dispels Platform Myths


In a candid interview, Roxy Young, Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of Reddit, sheds light on the community rebellion over the platform’s API policy and how Reddit is embracing subreddit culture.


The API Policy Controversy

Reddit, the bustling online community, has been at the center of a seismic shift. Earlier this year, CEO Steve Huffman made a pivotal decision: charging third-party apps for access to its API. This move sparked a community crisis, with passionate debates echoing across subreddits. The implications were far-reaching, affecting developers, users, and the very fabric of Reddit itself.

Roxy Young’s Unique Perspective

Roxy Young, who wears the dual hats of CMO and Consumer Experience Officer, navigates these tumultuous waters with finesse. Her journey to the helm of Reddit’s marketing efforts is a fascinating one. Before joining Reddit, Young cut her teeth at tech giants like Netflix, Sephora, and Zynga. Her comprehensive marketing background, coupled with an unwavering passion for innovation, positioned her perfectly for the challenges that lay ahead.

From Genetic Engineering to Consumer Behavior

Young’s career trajectory took an unexpected turn. Initially drawn to genetic engineering, she soon discovered her knack for understanding consumer behavior. This pivot allowed her to leverage her strengths in more externally-oriented roles. As she delved into the world of digital marketing, Young found herself at the intersection of technology and human connection—a sweet spot where she thrived.

The Pasta Debate and Subreddit Culture

Even seemingly innocuous topics can ignite fervent discussions on Reddit. Take the recent post on the “Change My View” subreddit: “Change my view: There’s nothing wrong with breaking spaghetti noodles in half.” Nearly 500 people weighed in, passionately defending or opposing the practice. It’s a testament to the power of community-driven discourse.

The Network Mindset

Young’s advice to aspiring marketers? View your career as a network, not a linear path. Embrace diverse experiences, learn from failures, and adapt. Just as Reddit’s subreddits form a rich tapestry of perspectives, so too should your professional journey. Break free from pigeonholes, explore new avenues, and build connections that transcend industry boundaries.

Guinness 0.0: A Tale of Perseverance

In a parallel narrative, Diageo’s Chief Innovation Officer, Mark Sandys, recounts the saga of Guinness 0.0. Initially met with skepticism, this non-alcoholic variant of the iconic brew faced an uphill battle. But through relentless marketing efforts, customer feedback, and unwavering commitment, Guinness 0.0 emerged triumphant. Today, it stands tall as a top seller in the non-alcoholic beverage market.

Mark Markey’s Career Insights

Mark Markey, CMO at Boots, echoes Young’s sentiments. He emphasizes the importance of making selective career decisions. Marketers should seek transferable skills, break down barriers, and avoid being boxed into a single role. Like athletes honing their craft, marketers must lay a solid foundation—one that allows them to pivot, adapt, and thrive.


Roxy Young’s journey—from genetic engineering to Reddit’s CMO—exemplifies the dynamic spirit of our digital age. As Reddit continues to evolve, its vibrant subreddits remain a testament to the power of community-driven dialogue. And in the ever-changing landscape of marketing, Young’s advice rings true: Think like a network, not a straight line.

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