Puma Aims to Sprint Ahead in Olympics Brand Race Against Nike and Adidas


German sportswear brand Puma is gearing up for the Paris 2024 Summer Olympics with a renewed focus on speed. In its first global brand campaign in a decade, Puma aims to solidify its position as the “fastest” sports brand in the world. The campaign, titled “Forever Faster,” highlights Puma’s performance prowess and targets everyone, from professional athletes to casual joggers.


A Legacy of Speed

Puma’s obsession with speed traces back to its roots. Since the 1948 launch of its first soccer boot, “The Atom,” founder Rudolf Dassler envisioned a brand that would empower players to be quick and nimble on the field. Now, with “Forever Faster,” Puma is moving away from category-specific marketing across sports like football, running, and basketball. Instead, it embraces a single, “emotional and distinctive” message that encapsulates its essence: speed.

The Campaign

Developed by New York-based agency Matte, the campaign spans social media, TV, PR, out-of-home, and points of sale worldwide. At its core is a high-octane hero ad featuring top athletes such as:

  • Luis Suárez (soccer star)
  • Jack Grealish (soccer star)
  • Breanna Stewart (basketball forward)
  • Shericka Jackson (Olympic sprinter)

These dedicated iterations will continue during major sporting events through 2025, including Copa America, UEFA Euro 2024, and, of course, the Paris Olympics. Puma’s logo will even grace the uniforms of Jamaica’s Olympic team, home to some of the world’s best sprinters like Jackson and Elaine Thompson-Herah.

The Battle for Speed

Historically, non-sponsors like Puma faced challenges when activating around the Olympic Games. Adidas, as the official sportswear partner for over 40 years, enjoyed considerable freedom. Meanwhile, Nike employed its unique brand of ambush marketing. However, in 2024, organizers plan to relax rules, allowing brands to celebrate their Olympic athletes’ medal wins on social media. Puma’s reactive social team is poised to take advantage of this opportunity, creating content that enhances the brand’s visibility.


As the world eagerly awaits the Paris 2024 Summer Olympics, Puma’s “Forever Faster” campaign aims to sprint ahead in the brand race against giants like Nike and Adidas. With speed at its core, Puma seeks to leave a lasting impression on athletes and enthusiasts alike, proving that it’s not just about the finish line—it’s about how fast you get there.

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