Netflix’s ‘Obliterated’ Fails to Deliver on Its Action-Comedy Promise


Netflix’s latest original series, ‘Obliterated’, is a Las Vegas-set action-comedy that follows an elite special forces team who must stop a deadly threat to the city. The show is created by the same trio behind the hit series ‘Cobra Kai’, Jon Hurwitz, Hayden Schlossberg, and Josh Heald. However, unlike their previous work, ‘Obliterated’ is a disappointing and unfunny mess that is nearly unwatchable.


A Wasted Premise and Cast

The premise of ‘Obliterated’ sounds promising enough. The show is described as a “high-octane” action-comedy that tells the story of an elite special forces team that thwarts a deadly threat to Las Vegas. After their celebratory party, filled with booze, drugs, and sex, the team discovers that the bomb they deactivated was a fake. The now intoxicated team has to fight through their impairments, overcome their issues, find the real bomb, and save the world.

The show also boasts a talented cast of actors, including Jason Sudeikis, Olivia Munn, Terry Crews, and Kristen Schaal. However, the show fails to utilize its comedic skills and charisma and instead resorts to cheap jokes, stereotypes, and clichés. The characters are one-dimensional and unlikable, and their interactions are forced and awkward. The show tries to balance humor and action, but neither aspect is executed well. The action scenes are poorly choreographed and edited, and the humor is juvenile and offensive.

A Tone-Deaf and Outdated Show

One of the biggest problems with ‘Obliterated’ is that it feels like it belongs to a different era. The show is full of outdated references, pop culture jokes, and cultural appropriation. The show also makes light of serious issues, such as racism, sexism, homophobia, and terrorism, without any nuance or sensitivity. The show seems to think that it is edgy and satirical, but it is ignorant and insensitive.

The show also fails to capture the spirit and culture of Las Vegas and instead relies on stereotypes and tropes. The show depicts Las Vegas as a superficial and sinful place, where everyone is either a gambler, a stripper, a mobster, or a tourist. The show ignores the diversity and complexity of the city, and its history and identity. The show also does not explore the impact of the pandemic on the city, and its recovery and resilience.

A Poor Imitation of Better Shows

‘Obliterated’ is not the first show to attempt to combine action and comedy in a Las Vegas setting. There have been several shows that have done it better, such as ‘Vegas’, ‘CSI’, ‘Las Vegas’, and ‘Reno 911’. These shows have managed to create engaging and memorable characters, thrilling and hilarious plots, and authentic and respectful portrayals of the city. These shows have also been able to balance humor and drama and address relevant and timely issues.

‘Obliterated’ is a poor imitation of these shows, and does not offer anything new or original. The show is a waste of time and talent and does not live up to its name. The show is not obliterating anything, except maybe the viewers’ patience and intelligence.

By Kane Wilson

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