How a Mustache Landed Chris Pratt the Role of Mr. P in Pringles’ Super Bowl Ad

Chris Pratt

Chris Pratt, the star of Guardians of the Galaxy and Jurassic World, has a new role to add to his resume: Mr. P, the iconic mascot of Pringles. The actor revealed that he grew a thick mustache during the recent Hollywood work stoppage, which caught the attention of the executives behind the chip brand. They offered him the opportunity to play the character in their seventh consecutive Super Bowl ad, which will air during the first quarter of the game.

Pratt said he was honored and excited to join Pringles in bringing the story of Mr. P to life, and that he has always been a fan of the snack, especially the Salt & Vinegar flavor. He also joked that he now sees Mr. P everywhere, just like the fans who have spotted and shared the resemblance online for years.

Chris Pratt

The Plot of the Ad

The 30-second spot, created by Grey New York, tells the tale of how Pratt’s mustache made him go viral as a look-alike of Mr. P, the smiling face with a bowtie and eyebrows featured on Pringles cans since 1967. The ad shows how Pratt gets compared to the mascot while shopping, and how his picture spreads on social media, leading to him landing the lead role in a biopic about the life of Mr. P.

The ad is a humorous and meta take on the phenomenon of seeing Mr. P in unexpected places, such as in clouds, buildings, or food. Pringles said the ad is part of a new direction for the brand, which aims to celebrate its fans and their creativity.

The Campaign Beyond the Ad

Pringles is not only relying on the star power of Pratt and the charm of Mr. P to make a splash during the Super Bowl. The brand is also launching a series of digital, social, and retail activations to engage with consumers and generate buzz.

One of the initiatives is a contest that invites fans to share images of where they see or can create Mr. P on Instagram or TikTok using the hashtags #ISeeMrP and #PringlesContest. The contest will run until Feb. 16, and entrants can win cash prizes of up to $15,000.

Another initiative is a Snapchat lens that allows users to transform themselves into Mr. P, complete with a mustache, eyebrows, and bowtie. The lens also features iconic U.S. landmarks and locations, such as Las Vegas and the Statue of Liberty, to add some fun and patriotism to the experience.

Pringles said it is proud to make its first Big Game appearance as Kellanova, the company’s new name that was formed after the merger of Kellogg’s and Novartis in 2023. The company said it is looking forward to showcasing its portfolio of salty snacks, which includes Pringles, Cheez-It, and Pop-Tarts, among others.

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