How Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom’s credits scene sets up the next DC adventure?

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, the sequel to the 2018 blockbuster Aquaman, has finally hit theaters, and fans are eager to know what the future holds for the DC universe. The movie, directed by James Wan, follows Arthur Curry (Jason Momoa) as he balances his duties as the king of Atlantis and a member of the Justice League while facing new threats from his old enemies, Black Manta (Yahya Abdul-Mateen II) and Orm (Patrick Wilson). The movie also introduces new characters and locations, such as the mysterious Lost Kingdom and its ruler, Kingfish (Martin Short).

But the movie does not end with the final battle. There is a mid-credits scene that reveals a major plot twist and teases the next installment of the DC franchise. Here is what happens in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom’s credits scene and what it means for the DC universe’s future.


Black Manta returns with a vengeance

The credits scene picks up where the movie left off, with Black Manta drifting on a piece of debris in the middle of the ocean after being defeated by Aquaman in Sicily. He is rescued by a passing boat, which turns out to be owned by Dr. Stephen Shin (Randall Park), a scientist who is obsessed with proving the existence of Atlantis. Dr. Shin takes Black Manta to his cabin, where he examines his armor and helmet, which are made of Atlantean technology. He accidentally activates the helmet’s laser, which blasts a hole in the roof of the boat.

Black Manta wakes up and sees Dr. Shin, who asks him where he got the technology from. Black Manta says he will tell him everything he wants to know if he helps him find Aquaman. The scene ends with Black Manta holding a knife to Dr. Shin’s throat while looking at a map of the world with several locations marked on it.

This scene confirms that Black Manta is still alive and has not given up on his quest for revenge against Aquaman, who killed his father in the first movie. It also shows that he has found an unlikely ally in Dr. Shin, who has a personal interest in Atlantis and its secrets. The map suggests that Black Manta is planning to track down Aquaman and attack him wherever he goes, possibly with the help of Dr. Shin’s resources and knowledge.

The Black Trident and the Lost Kingdom

But there is more to Black Manta’s armor than meets the eye. In the movie, it is revealed that he obtained it from the Lost Kingdom, one of the seven kingdoms of Atlantis that was hidden in a mutated jungle. There, he met Kingfish, who gave him the armor and a powerful weapon called the Black Trident, which can unleash an ancient and evil force. Kingfish also told him that he was the descendant of Kordax, the first king of Atlantis, who was banished for his cruelty and madness.

The Black Trident is a key element in the movie’s plot, as it is the only weapon that can harm Aquaman, who wields the golden Trident of Atlan, the true king of Atlantis. The Black Trident also has a connection to the Lost Kingdom, which is the source of the dark energy that it emits. The Lost Kingdom is a mysterious and dangerous place, where the Atlanteans have evolved into monstrous creatures and where Kingfish rules with an iron fist.

The credits scene implies that Black Manta still has the Black Trident and that he intends to use it against Aquaman in the future. It also raises the question of what role the Lost Kingdom and Kingfish will play in the next movie and whether they will ally with Black Manta or not. The Lost Kingdom is a potential threat to the rest of the world, as it harbors a dark and destructive power that could be unleashed by the Black Trident.

The future of the DC universe

The credits scene sets up the stage for the third Aquaman movie, which will likely feature Black Manta as the main antagonist and Dr. Shin as his sidekick. The movie will also explore the history and secrets of the Lost Kingdom and the conflict between the Black Trident and the Trident of Atlan. Aquaman will have to face his nemesis once again and protect his kingdom and his family from his wrath.

But the credits scene also has implications for the larger DC universe, as it hints at the possibility of a crossover with other DC heroes. The map that Black Manta looks at shows several locations that are related to other DC characters, such as Gotham City, Metropolis, Themyscira, and Central City. This suggests that Black Manta might target not only Aquaman but also Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and the Flash, among others. This could lead to a team-up with the Justice League or a confrontation between them and Aquaman, depending on how they view his role as the king of Atlantis.

The credits scene also opens the door for more exploration of the underwater world of Atlantis and its connection to the rest of the DC universe. Many stories and characters could be introduced in the future, such as the Trench, the Fisherman Kingdom, the Dead King, and Aqualad. The DC universe has a rich and diverse mythology, and Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom’s credits scene shows that there is still a lot to discover and enjoy.

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