How a New Platform is Revolutionizing Gaming Advertising for Kids?

Gaming Advertising

Gaming is one of the most popular forms of entertainment for kids, teens, and families. However, reaching this audience with relevant and engaging ads can be challenging for brands. That’s why a new platform called Precise Gaming is changing the game with its innovative approach to in-game advertising.

Gaming Advertising

What is precise gaming?

Precise Gaming is a video advertising company that specializes in native in-game advertising for kids, teens, and families. It uses its proprietary COPPA-compliant technology to run branded videos and customized mini-games in top gaming applications, as well as target YouTube gaming videos that match the brand’s audience.

Precise Gaming allows advertisers to reach over 400 million gamers across kid-safe applications, according to its website. It also claims to offer high engagement rates, precise targeting, and ethical advertising that respects the privacy and preferences of young gamers.

How does precise gaming work?

Precise Gaming works by integrating its platform with popular gaming apps and YouTube channels that cater to kids, teens, and families. It then creates and delivers branded videos and mini-games that are relevant to the game or video content, as well as the brand’s objectives and target audience.

For example, Warner Bros. Discovery used Precise Gaming to promote its Cartoon Network show Ivandoe with kids aged 6–12. The campaign focused on mobile and tablet games that were popular with the age group and also targeted parents on separate platforms. The result was a branded engagement time of 5,400 hours.

What are the benefits of precise gaming?

Precise gaming offers several benefits for both advertisers and gamers. For advertisers, it provides a way to reach a large and growing market of young gamers who are often hard to reach through traditional media. It also offers a way to create immersive and interactive ads that capture the attention and interest of gamers, as well as drive brand awareness and loyalty.

For gamers, it provides a way to enjoy relevant and fun ads that enhance their gaming experience, rather than interrupt or annoy them. It also respects their privacy and choices, as it does not collect any personal data or track their behavior. Moreover, it rewards them with in-game incentives, such as coins, gems, or power-ups, for engaging with the ads.

What are the challenges of precise gaming?

Precise gaming is not without its challenges, however. One of the main challenges is to ensure that the ads are appropriate and safe for the young audience, as well as compliant with the regulations and guidelines of the gaming industry and the authorities. Another challenge is to measure the effectiveness and impact of the ads, as well as the return on investment for the advertisers.

Precise Gaming is also facing competition from other gaming advertising platforms, such as Bidstack, which recently rebranded as a native in-game advertising platform to meet the demand. Additionally, it has to deal with the changing preferences and behaviors of young gamers, who may switch to different platforms or games over time.

What is the future of precise gaming?

Precise Gaming is a platform that is poised to take advantage of the booming gaming market, especially among kids, teens, and families. It is also a platform that is aligned with the trends and expectations of modern consumers, who demand more personalized, engaging, and ethical advertising.

Precise Gaming is planning to expand its reach and offerings in the future by partnering with more gaming apps and YouTube channels, as well as creating more diverse and creative ads and mini-games for different brands and audiences. It is also looking to leverage the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning to optimize its platform and ads.

Precise Gaming is a platform that is revolutionizing gaming advertising for kids, and it is one that brands should watch out for.

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