The Day Before A Post-Apocalyptic Scam or a Victim of Circumstances?

The Day Before

The Day Before, a highly anticipated zombie survival MMO, has been in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons. The game, which was supposed to launch on November 10, 2023, has been delisted from Steam due to a trademark dispute. Moreover, the developer Fantastic announced its closure just four days after the game’s release, sparking outrage and suspicion among the gaming community. Was The Day Before a scam from the start, or did it fall prey to unfortunate circumstances?

The Day Before

A Promising Game with a Troubled History

The Day Before was first revealed in January 2021, and it quickly gained a lot of attention from the gaming community. The game promised to be the most immersive zombie survival MMO to date, with a vast open world, realistic graphics, and dynamic gameplay. The game was also compared to popular titles like The Last of Us, The Division, and DayZ.

However, the game also faced a lot of criticism and controversy, as many people doubted its legitimacy and quality. Some of the issues that plagued the game were:

  • The game’s trailer was accused of being fake and stolen from other games, as it showed scenes and assets that looked very similar to those from other titles.
  • The game’s developer, Fantastic, had a poor reputation in the industry, as it had previously released a mobile game called Radiant One, which was also criticized for being low-quality and misleading.
  • The game’s publisher, Mytona, was also a mobile game company that had no experience in publishing PC or console games.
  • The game’s development was shrouded in secrecy, as Fantastic rarely provided any updates or gameplay footage and did not allow any media outlets or influencers to test the game before launch.

A Trademark Dispute that Led to a Delay and a Delisting

The game’s troubles did not end there, as it also faced a legal issue that jeopardized its release. Fantastic had failed to register a trademark for the game’s name before announcing it, which allowed an external, private individual to claim it instead. This resulted in a trademark dispute that caused Steam to block the game’s page, preventing anyone from buying or playing the game.

Fantastic tried to resolve the issue by postponing the game’s launch to November 10, 2023, and by consulting its lawyers. However, the game remained delisted from Steam, and there was no official confirmation on whether the trademark dispute was settled or not.

A Developer Closure that Raised More Questions than Answers

The final nail in the coffin for The Day Before was the sudden announcement of Fntastic’s closure, just four days after the game’s launch. Fantastic posted a message on its official website, stating that it was shutting down with immediate effect and thanking its fans for their support. The message did not provide any explanation for the closure, nor did it mention anything about the game’s future.

The developer’s closure raised more questions than answers, as many people wondered what happened to the game and its players. Some of the questions that remained unanswered were:

  • What was the status of the trademark dispute, and did it have anything to do with the closure?
  • What happened to the game’s servers, and were they still running or not?
  • What happened to the game’s players, and did they receive any refunds or compensation?
  • What happened to the game’s assets, and did they belong to Fntastic, Mytona, or the trademark claimant?
  • What was the real reason behind the closure, and was it related to the game’s quality, performance, or reception?

A Post-Apocalyptic Scam or a Victim of Circumstances?

The Day Before’s saga has left many people wondering whether the game was a scam from the start or whether it was a victim of unfortunate circumstances. Fantastic has denied any allegations of scamming and has claimed that the game was made in good faith and that it was fully funded by Mytona. However, the developer’s actions and statements have not convinced many people, who still believe that the game was a fraud and that Fntastic was trying to escape accountability.

On the other hand, some people have sympathized with Fntastic and blamed the trademark dispute and the gaming industry’s pressure for the game’s downfall. They have argued that the game had potential and that it could have been a great game if it had more time and resources. They have also criticized the gaming community’s negativity and toxicity and urged people to be more supportive and respectful of indie developers.

The Day Before’s fate remains uncertain, as there is no official word on whether the game will ever be revived or not. The game’s fans and critics are still waiting for more information and clarity and hoping for a resolution that is fair and satisfactory for everyone involved.

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