Dee Valladares Wins Survivor 45 in a Thrilling Finale

Survivor 45

Survivor 45, the latest season of the popular reality TV show, came to an end on Sunday night with a fascinating finale that capped a solid season. Dee Valladares, a 28-year-old social media manager from Los Angeles, emerged as the sole survivor and the winner of the $1 million prize. She beat Jake O’Kane, a 23-year-old student from Boston, and Katurah Topps, a 32-year-old nurse from Atlanta, in a close 5-4-0 vote by the jury.

Survivor 45

Dee’s Dominant Game Play

Dee played a dominant game from start to finish, winning four individual immunity challenges, finding two hidden immunity idols, and orchestrating several blindsides. She was also part of the Reba alliance, which controlled the majority of the votes for most of the game. Dee was not afraid to make big moves, even if it meant betraying her allies or her island boyfriend, Austin Li Coon.

One of her most memorable moves was in the final six, when she decided not to tell Austin that the Reba alliance was planning to vote out his best friend, Drew Basile. Austin, who had an idol, played it on himself, while Drew was eliminated with a single vote from Dee. Dee later explained that she did not want to risk Austin playing his idol for Drew and that she wanted to weaken Austin’s position in the game.

Another impressive move by Dee was in the final four when she won the last immunity challenge and chose to take Jake to the final three with her. She knew that Jake was not well-liked by the jury and that he would not get many votes. She also knew that Katurah was a bigger threat than Austin, who had burned many bridges with his aggressive and arrogant gameplay. She convinced Austin to vote with her against Katurah, forcing a tie and a fire-making challenge. Katurah lost the challenge to Austin, and Dee secured her spot in the final three with two weaker opponents.

The Final Tribal Council

At the final tribal council, Dee faced the jury of nine former players, who questioned her and the other finalists about their gameplay, strategy, and social skills. Dee defended her game by highlighting her achievements, such as winning challenges, finding idols, and making big moves. She also apologized for hurting some of the jury members and explained that she was playing the game with her head, not her heart. She said that she respected everyone on the jury and that she hoped they would respect her game as well.

Jake tried to argue that he played a smart and subtle game by staying under the radar, forming relationships, and avoiding conflicts. He said that he was not a goat but a savvy player who adapted to the situations and made the best of his opportunities. He also pointed out that he survived several tribal councils where he was in the minority and that he never gave up.

Katurah admitted that she did not have a strong resume, but she said that she played a loyal and honest game by sticking with her alliance and being true to herself. She said that she was proud of making it to the final three, despite being a target from the beginning. She also said that she had a personal growth journey on the island and that she learned a lot about herself and others.

The jury praised Dee for her gameplay but also criticized her for being too ruthless, manipulative, and cold-hearted. They also questioned her relationship with Austin and whether she was using him or genuinely caring for him. Some of the jury members also expressed their disappointment in Jake and Katurah for being too passive, complacent, and dependent on Dee. They challenged them to explain why they deserved to win over Dee, who played a better game.

The Final Vote

After the jury cast their votes, host Jeff Probst revealed the results at the live reunion show in Los Angeles. Dee received five votes from Julie Alley, Basile, Drew, Emily Flippen, and Reba McEntire. Jake received four votes from Austin, J. Smith, Lulu Johnson, and Kaleb Lee. Katurah received no votes. Dee was announced as the winner of Survivor 45 and was congratulated by her family, friends, and fellow players.

Dee said that she was honored and grateful to win the game and that she played with all her heart and soul. She said that she had a lot of respect for Jake and Katurah and that they were worthy finalists. She also said that she had a special bond with Austin and that she hoped they could remain friends after the game. She thanked the jury for recognizing her game and said that she would use the money to help her family and pursue her dreams.

Jake said that he was proud of his game and that he did not regret any of his decisions. He said that he had a lot of fun on the island and that he made some lifelong friends. He also said that he learned a lot about himself and the game and that he would always cherish the experience.

Katurah said that she was happy for Dee and that she deserved to win. She said that she played the game with integrity and that she did not compromise her values. She said that she had a lot of challenges on the island, but she also had a lot of joy and laughter. She said that she was thankful for the opportunity and that she would never forget it.

Jeff Probst congratulated the final three and thanked the cast, crew, and fans for another great season of Survivor. He also teased the next season, Survivor 46, which will feature 20 new players divided into two tribes based on their astrological signs. He said that the next season will have new twists, surprises, and drama and that it will premiere in February 2024.

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