Super Bowl 2024: The Best and Worst of the Big Game Ads

Super Bowl 2024

The Super Bowl is not only the biggest sporting event of the year but also the most anticipated showcase of advertising creativity. Millions of viewers tune in to watch the commercials that air during the game, and brands compete to make a lasting impression with their ads. Some ads are memorable for their humor, emotion, or innovation, while others are forgettable or even controversial. Here is a recap of the best and worst of the Super Bowl 2024 ads, as discussed by the Ad Age editors.

Super Bowl 2024

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce Star in Pepsi’s Epic Ad

One of the most talked-about ads of the night was Pepsi’s epic spot featuring pop star Taylor Swift and Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce. The ad, titled “The Choice,” showed Swift and Kelce in a futuristic setting where they had to choose between two rival beverages: Pepsi and Coke. The ad played on the long-standing rivalry between the two brands and also referenced Swift’s feud with Coke’s spokesperson, Katy Perry. The ad ended with Swift and Kelce choosing Pepsi and then performing a duet of Swift’s hit song “You Belong With Me.”. The ad was a clever way to capitalize on the popularity and relevance of both celebrities and to position Pepsi as the cooler and more daring choice.

Budweiser Celebrates the Heroes of the Pandemic

Another ad that received positive feedback was Budweiser’s tribute to the heroes of the pandemic. The ad, titled “Bigger Picture,” featured narration by actress Rashida Jones and showed various scenes of people helping each other during the difficult times of the past year. The ad highlighted the efforts of frontline workers, teachers, volunteers, and everyday citizens who showed courage, compassion, and resilience. The ad also announced that Budweiser would donate a portion of its advertising budget to support COVID-19 vaccine awareness and access. The ad was a touching and uplifting way to acknowledge the challenges and achievements of the past year and to inspire hope for the future.

Doritos Flamin’ Hot Nacho Fails to Impress

Not all ads were well received by viewers and critics. One of the ads that failed to impress was Doritos Flamin’ Hot Nacho. The ad, titled “Hot Mess,” featured actor and comedian Pete Davidson as a rapper who ate a bag of Doritos Flamin’ Hot Nacho and then experienced a series of mishaps due to the spiciness of the chips. The ad was meant to be funny and absurd, but it came across as juvenile and annoying. The ad also featured a cameo by rapper Megan Thee Stallion, who appeared as a judge on a talent show, but her role was wasted and underutilized. The ad was a disappointing attempt to appeal to a younger audience, and it did not effectively showcase the product.

Gillette Venus Sparks Controversy with Body Hair Ad

One of the most controversial ads of the night was Gillette Venus’s ad promoting its razors and body hair acceptance. The ad, titled “My Skin, My Way,” featured various women of different ages, races, and body types, showing off their natural body hair. The ad aimed to challenge conventional beauty standards and celebrate diversity and individuality. However, the ad also sparked backlash from some viewers who found the ad gross, offensive, or inappropriate. Some viewers accused the ad of promoting unhygienic or unhealthy habits, while others argued that the ad was hypocritical or contradictory since it was selling a product that was meant to remove body hair. The ad was a bold and risky move by Gillette Venus, and it generated a lot of buzz and debate.


These were some of the highlights and lowlights of the Super Bowl 2024 ads, as analyzed by the Ad Age editors. The Super Bowl is always a big opportunity for brands to showcase their creativity and connect with their audiences, but it is also a challenge to stand out and avoid controversy. Some ads succeeded in delivering memorable and meaningful messages, while others failed to impress or even offend. The Super Bowl ads are a reflection of the culture and trends of the time, and they also influence the perception and behavior of consumers.

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