Hairstyles for Women Over 60 with Round Faces


Are you struggling to find the perfect hairdo with short haircuts that flatters your round face shape and complements your age? Try adding large curls and side bangs for a trendy look.

Finding the right hairdo for a round face with short haircuts can be challenging, but with the right guidance, it becomes a breeze. Side bangs and large curls are great options to consider. By considering your round face shape and embracing haircuts that add dimension, you can achieve a stunning look with a curly hairstyle that accentuates your best features.

Age is just a number, and with the right amount of confidence and style, you can rock any haircuts. Whether you have curly hair or prefer an updo, adding bangs to your hairstyle can give it a fresh and trendy look. Ladies, we will provide tips on finding hairstyles with bangs that suit both your round face shape and age, helping you feel confident and fabulous at any stage of life. Whether you prefer an updo or a side hairstyle, we’ve got you covered.


The Challenges of Styling Thin and Fine Hair Over 60

Thin and fine hair, especially for ladies over 60, can present unique challenges. Ladies with thin and fine hair may consider getting bangs or wearing glasses to add some style. One popular option is side bangs, which can be paired with glasses to create a fashionable look. As ladies age, our hair tends to become thinner, losing volume and texture. Adding bangs can help create the illusion of thicker hair. Additionally, wearing glasses can be a stylish accessory for women of all ages. This can make it difficult for women to achieve the desired hairstyle, especially when they want to incorporate bangs or style their hair to the side.

Thin and Fine Hair Requires Special Care and Styling Techniques

Thinning hair is a natural part of the aging process for women, but it doesn’t mean women have to settle for lackluster locks. With the right care and styling techniques, women can transform their thin and fine hair into a fabulous hairstyle that suits their personality.

One common challenge faced by women with thin hair is maintaining volume. To combat this issue, women should consider getting a haircut that adds layers or textured ends. These techniques create an illusion of thickness and movement in women’s hair.

Another important aspect for women is choosing the right products specifically designed for thin and fine hair. Look for volumizing shampoos and conditioners that provide extra lift for wavy, curly, long, and short hair without weighing down your strands. Using lightweight styling products such as mousses or root-lifting sprays can help women add body to their hairstyles.

Learn About the Common Challenges Faced by Women with Thin Hair Over 60

Women with thinning hair often struggle with finding hairstyles that flatter their face shape. If you are a woman with a round face and long, wavy hair, it is crucial to select a hairstyle that gives the appearance of length while also adding volume.

One solution for women with round faces and thin hair is opting for curtain fringe or side-swept bangs. These styles help women frame their face while diverting attention from any areas where their hair may be thinner. They also add movement and texture to women’s overall look, especially those with wavy hair.

Layering is key. By incorporating layers, women can achieve a fuller and more textured appearance in their hairstyle. Consider consulting with a professional hairstylist who can recommend the best layering technique for women with different hair types and face shapes.

Find Solutions to Add Volume and Texture to Thin Hair

Adding volume and texture to thin hair is crucial for creating hairstyles that are both flattering and stylish. Here are some solutions to consider:

  1. Use volumizing mousse or root-lifting spray before blow-drying your hair.

  2. Experiment with different styling techniques such as backcombing or using hot rollers to create lift at the roots.

  3. Consider getting a perm or body wave treatment to add texture and fullness to your hair.

  4. Opt for shorter hairstyles that require less maintenance while adding volume.

The Advantages of Adding Volume, Texture, and Movement to Your Hair

Adding volume, texture, and movement to your hair can do wonders for transforming your overall hairstyle. Not only can these elements create a more youthful appearance, but they also offer numerous styling options that complement round face shapes. Let’s explore how you can achieve that desired fullness and effect while embracing your natural hair texture.

There are various techniques you can try. If you have thick hair, consider layering as it helps reduce weight and adds body. By strategically cutting different lengths throughout your hair, layering creates an illusion of volume and prevents your locks from falling flat against your head.

Another option is incorporating texture into your hairstyle. Texturizing products such as sea salt sprays or texturizing powders work wonders in adding definition and movement to otherwise lifeless strands. These products help combat frizz while providing a tousled look that exudes effortless style.

Movement is essential for any hairstyle as it brings it to life. One effective way of achieving movement is by using a diffuser when blow-drying your hair. This attachment disperses the airflow evenly across the strands, enhancing their natural shape and creating beautiful waves or curls. Embracing this technique not only adds dimension but also gives the illusion of fuller hair.

For those with round faces, adding volume, texture, and movement becomes even more crucial in balancing out the roundness. By incorporating these elements into your hairstyle routine, you can soften the overall appearance of your face shape.

To summarize:

  • Layering is an excellent option for those with thick hair as it provides extra volume.

  • Texturizing products like sea salt sprays or texturizing powders add definition and combat frizz.

  • Using a diffuser while blow-drying enhances natural shape and creates waves or curls.

  • Round faces benefit from added volume, texture, and movement to balance out their shape.

In addition to these techniques, considering color can also help create the illusion of fullness. Highlights or lowlights strategically placed throughout your hair can add depth and dimension, making it appear thicker than it actually is. Consulting with a professional colorist will ensure you choose the right shades that complement your skin tone and enhance your hairstyle.

Lastly, maintaining a good hair care routine is essential for achieving volume, texture, and movement. Using products specifically designed for adding body and structure to your hair can make a significant difference. Regular trims help prevent split ends and maintain the health of your locks.

The Best Hair Lengths and Cuts for Women Over 60 with Round Faces: Examples and Tips

As we age, our hair goes through changes just like the rest of our bodies. For senior women with round faces, finding the right hairstyle can make a significant difference in enhancing their natural beauty.

Explore various hair lengths that flatter round faces after 60.

There are several options to consider. Here are some hair lengths that can complement your features:

  1. Short Pixie Cut:

    • A short pixie cut can bring attention to your facial features.

    • It adds volume on top and creates an illusion of length.

    • This low-maintenance style is perfect for active seniors.

  2. Chin-Length Bob:

    • A chin-length bob elongates the face while framing it beautifully.

    • Opt for layers or angles to add movement and dimension.

    • This versatile cut works well for both casual and formal occasions.

  3. Shoulder-Length Waves:

    • Soft waves at shoulder length create a flattering frame for round faces.

    • Consider adding layers or highlights to enhance texture and volume.

    • This timeless look is suitable for any occasion.

Discover haircut examples suitable for women with round faces over 60.

To give you a better idea of how these hairstyles can complement your features, here are some examples:

  1. Short Pixie Cut:

    • Dame Judi Dench rocks a short pixie cut that accentuates her eyes and cheekbones.

    • Jamie Lee Curtis embraces her gray hair with a chic pixie cut that exudes confidence.

  2. Chin-Length Bob:

    • Helen Mirren showcases a classy chin-length bob with subtle layers that adds sophistication to her overall look.

    • Jane Fonda’s chin-length bob with bangs perfectly balances her round face shape.

  3. Shoulder-Length Waves:

    • Meryl Streep effortlessly flaunts shoulder-length waves that soften her features and give a youthful appearance.

    • Diane Keaton’s signature shoulder-length waves create an elegant and timeless look.

Tips on choosing the right cut based on personal preferences and lifestyle.

When selecting a haircut, it’s essential to consider your personal preferences and lifestyle. Here are some tips to help you make the right choice:

  1. Face Shape Analysis:

    • Before deciding on a hairstyle, determine if your face shape is truly round or more oval-shaped.

Medium Hairstyles: Shag, Layered, and Balayage Styles

Medium hairstyles offer versatility for women over 60 with round faces. If you’re looking to switch up your look and enhance your natural beauty, consider trying out some trendy medium-length hairstyles. From shaggy cuts to layered styles and balayage techniques, there are plenty of options to choose from that will flatter your round face shape.

Shaggy Cuts for a Playful Look

One popular choice for medium hairstyles is the shag haircut. This style features choppy layers that add texture and movement to your hair. The uneven lengths create a playful and youthful look that can help soften the features of a round face.

To achieve the perfect shaggy cut, ask your hairstylist for short layers throughout your hair. These layers should be cut at different lengths to create dimension and volume. The shorter layers around the crown of your head will add height, while longer layers towards the ends will provide a wispy effect.

Layered Styles for Added Volume

Another option to consider is layered styles. Layers can add volume and body to thinning hair, making it an ideal choice for women over 60. Short layers can help frame your face and draw attention away from any areas you may want to minimize.

When getting a layered haircut, ask your stylist for both short and long layers. The combination of different layer lengths will give you added volume and movement. Incorporating some face-framing layers can help accentuate your best features.

Balayage Techniques for Dimension

If you’re interested in adding some color to your medium-length hairstyle, balayage is a great technique to try. Balayage involves hand-painting highlights onto specific sections of hair, creating a natural-looking sun-kissed effect.

For women with round faces, blonde balayage can be particularly flattering as it adds dimension without overwhelming the face. The lighter highlights can also help to brighten your complexion and give you a youthful glow.

When opting for balayage, choose shades that complement your skin tone and hair color. Consult with your hairstylist to determine the best placement of highlights to enhance your features.

Effortless Maintenance Tips

Maintaining medium hairstyles doesn’t have to be a hassle, especially as you age. Here are some tips to keep your hair looking fabulous with minimal effort:

  1. Invest in a good quality shampoo and conditioner specifically designed for your hair type.

  2. Use styling products such as mousse or texturizing spray to add volume and hold.

  3. Consider using heat protectant sprays before styling with hot tools.

Short Hairstyles: Pixie, Buzz, and Bob Cuts

Short hairstyles can be stylish and low-maintenance for women over 60 with round faces. If you’re looking to embrace a chic look that suits your face shape and personality, the versatility of pixie, buzz, and bob cuts is worth exploring. Let’s dive into some tips on choosing the right short hairstyle and discover how these trendy cuts can enhance your confidence.

Embrace Your Confidence with a Trendy Short Haircut

Short haircuts are a fantastic option. Not only do they offer a stylish appearance, but they also require minimal effort to maintain. A trendy short haircut has the power to boost your confidence and make you feel fabulous at any age.

Discover the Versatility of Pixie, Buzz, and Bob Cuts

  1. Pixie Cut: The pixie cut is a timeless choice that exudes elegance and sophistication. It features short layers that frame the face beautifully while adding volume. Whether you opt for a classic pixie or an edgy pixie bob, this versatile cut can be customized to suit your preferences.

  2. Buzz Cut: For those who prefer an ultra-low-maintenance option, the buzz cut is perfect. This daring style involves shaving the hair close to the scalp for a bold statement look. Embrace your inner confidence with this fearless haircut that requires minimal styling.

  3. Bob Cut: The bob cut is another versatile option that flatters round faces effortlessly. With variations such as the angled bob or long bob (also known as “lob”), there are endless possibilities to explore. Add side bangs or incorporate subtle layers for extra dimension.

Tips on Choosing the Right Short Hairstyle

When selecting a short hairstyle for your round face shape, consider these tips:

  • Face Shape Analysis: Determine whether you have a truly round face or more of an oval shape. Understanding your face shape will help you choose a style that enhances your features.

  • Hair Texture: Take into account your hair’s natural texture and thickness. Some cuts may work better with straight hair, while others are more suited for wavy or curly hair.

  • Personal Style: Consider your personal style and the image you want to project. Are you drawn to edgy, modern looks, or do you prefer something more classic and timeless?

  • Consultation with a Stylist: Seek advice from a professional stylist who can guide you in choosing a short hairstyle that suits your face shape, personality, and lifestyle.

Long Hairstyles: Wavy, Braided, and Ponytail Looks

Long hairstyles can be incredibly flattering for women over 60 with round faces. They have the ability to add elegance and sophistication to your appearance while accentuating your best features. If you’re looking to switch up your hairstyle and embrace a longer length, consider exploring wavy, braided, or ponytail looks that will complement your round face shape beautifully.

Embracing Waves and Curls

Wavy hair has a natural ability to soften facial features and create a sense of movement. For women with round faces, opting for a wavy bob or long cascading curls can help elongate the face shape. Embrace your natural curls or use curling irons or rollers to achieve large curls that frame your face gracefully. Experiment with different side partings to find the most flattering look for you.

Braided Elegance

Braids are not just for younger women; they can also be an excellent choice for mature ladies who want to add a touch of sophistication to their hairstyles. Side braids are particularly flattering for those with round faces as they create an illusion of length. Consider incorporating a loose side braid into your long locks for an effortlessly chic look that is both age-appropriate and stylish.

The Timeless Ponytail

The classic ponytail is another versatile option that works well for women over 60 with round faces. It allows you to keep your hair off your face while showcasing its length and beauty. Opt for a sleek high ponytail or go for a more relaxed low ponytail depending on the occasion. Experiment with different styles such as adding waves or curls before tying it up to create texture and interest.

Maintaining Age-Appropriate Long Hair

Maintaining long hair requires some effort, but it’s certainly worth it if you love the way it makes you feel. To keep your long locks looking healthy and age-appropriate, consider the following tips:

  • Regular trims: Visit your hairstylist every six to eight weeks for a trim to prevent split ends and maintain the shape of your hairstyle.

  • Deep conditioning: Treat your hair to regular deep conditioning treatments to keep it moisturized and nourished.

  • Gentle styling: Avoid using excessive heat or harsh styling products that can damage your hair. Opt for heat-free styling methods like air-drying or using foam rollers for curls.

  • Protect from sun damage: Shield your hair from harmful UV rays by wearing a hat or using a leave-in conditioner with SPF when spending time outdoors.

How to Care for and Style Your Hair at Home: Products and Tools?

Taking care of your hair becomes even more important as you age, especially if you have a round face. With the right products and tools, you can easily achieve salon-like results in the comfort of your own home. Get ready to learn some tips on creating stunning hairstyles without professional assistance.

Essential Hair Care Products Suitable for Mature Hair

As our hair matures, it requires special attention and nourishment to keep it healthy-looking. Here are some essential products that can help:

  • Natural Hair Products: Opt for shampoos and conditioners specifically designed for mature hair. Look for ingredients like argan oil or keratin to provide hydration and promote strength.

  • Styling Products: Use lightweight styling products such as mousses or creams to add volume without weighing down your locks. These can help create texture and hold throughout the day.

  • Wax or Pomade: If you prefer short hairstyles, a small amount of wax or pomade can add definition and control without making your hair look greasy.

  • Heat Protectant Spray: Before using any heat styling tools, always apply a heat protectant spray to shield your strands from damage caused by curling irons or straighteners.

Styling Tools That Make Hairstyling Easier at Home

With the right tools in hand, you can achieve professional-looking hairstyles at home effortlessly:

  • Curling Iron: A curling iron is a versatile tool that allows you to create various styles from loose waves to tight curls. Choose one with adjustable heat settings to avoid excessive heat exposure.

  • Round Brush: This tool is perfect when blow-drying your hair as it adds volume while smoothing out frizz. For those with round faces, using a large round brush can help create soft, face-framing layers.

  • Hair Straightener: If you prefer sleek and straight hairstyles, invest in a high-quality hair straightener that glides smoothly through your locks without causing damage.

Tips for Creating Salon-like Results Without Professional Assistance

Styling your hair at home doesn’t have to be daunting. Follow these tips to achieve salon-like results:

  1. Start with Clean Hair: Ensure your hair is clean and dry before styling to maximize the effectiveness of products and tools.

  2. Use Proper Techniques: Learn different styling techniques like blow-drying with a round brush or sectioning your hair when using heat tools for better control and precision.

Gray Hair Hairstyles for Round-Faced Women Over 60

Embrace your natural gray hair while finding flattering hairstyles for round faces over 60. As you age, your hair may lose its color and start to turn silver. Rather than hiding or dyeing it, embrace the beauty of your silver locks and find hairstyles that enhance your features.

There are a few key considerations. You want a style that will elongate your face and create the illusion of more length. Adding volume at the crown can help balance out the roundness of your face.

Hairstyle Description
Short Pixie Cut
  • A short and low-maintenance haircut that adds volume and texture to gray hair.
  • It is a versatile option that suits round faces and is easy to style.
Bob with Bangs
  • A classic hairstyle that frames the face and adds dimension.
  • Adding bangs can help to soften the features of a round face.
Layered Shoulder-Length Hair
  • A shoulder-length haircut with layers can create movement and add volume to gray hair.
  • It helps to elongate the face and flatter a round face shape.
Curly Bob
  • A curly bob hairstyle can add texture and volume to gray hair.
  • It is a fun and youthful option that suits round faces.
Updo with Loose Curls
  • An updo hairstyle with loose curls can be an elegant choice for special occasions.
  • It adds height and elongates the face, making it ideal for round-faced women over 60.
Side-Swept Bangs
  • Adding side-swept bangs to any hairstyle can help to create a flattering look for round faces.
  • It helps to draw attention away from the width of the face.
Long Layers with Face-Framing Highlights
  • Long layers with face-framing highlights can create a slimming effect on round faces.
  • The highlights add dimension and draw attention to the facial features.
Shaggy Bob
  • A shaggy bob is a trendy and modern hairstyle for gray hair.
  • It adds texture and movement, making it a great option for round-faced women over 60.
Sleek Ponytail
  • A sleek ponytail is a simple yet sophisticated hairstyle for gray hair.
  • It can be worn high or low and helps to elongate the face.
Messy Bun
  • A messy bun is a quick and easy hairstyle for gray hair.
  • It can be worn high or low and adds a relaxed and effortless look to round faces

Explore various hairstyle ideas specifically suited for gray hair tones. Silver hair has become increasingly popular in recent years, with many women choosing to let their natural color shine through. There are numerous stylish options available that can complement your round face shape while showcasing your beautiful gray locks.

Tips on enhancing silver locks with appropriate cuts and styles:

  • Opt for layered cuts: Layered hairstyles can add movement and dimension to your hair, making it appear fuller and more voluminous.

  • Consider a pixie cut: A short pixie cut can be incredibly chic and flattering for round-faced women over 60 with gray hair. It frames the face beautifully while drawing attention to your features.

  • Try a bob: A classic bob haircut is versatile and suits various face shapes, including round faces. Whether you prefer a chin-length bob or a longer one, it can create an elongating effect.

  • Experiment with bangs: Wispy or side-swept bangs can soften the look of a round face shape while adding interest to your hairstyle.

  • Embrace curls or waves: Adding soft curls or waves to your gray hair can provide texture and volume, helping to balance out the roundness of your face.

Find inspiration in our table showcasing trendy gray hair hairstyles. The table includes various hairstyle ideas specifically curated for round-faced women over 60 with silver locks. It highlights different cuts, lengths, and styles that can complement your features and enhance your natural beauty.


Congratulations on completing this comprehensive guide to finding the perfect hairstyle for women over 60 with round faces! By now, you have learned about the challenges of styling thin and fine hair, the advantages of adding volume and texture, and the best hair lengths and cuts that flatter your features. We’ve explored medium, short, and long hairstyles, as well as how to care for and style your hair at home. Now it’s time to take action and embrace a new look that celebrates your beauty and personality!

So why wait any longer? Take charge of your style journey today by experimenting with different hairstyles that enhance your natural features. Remember, finding the right hairstyle is not just about looking good; it’s about feeling confident in your own skin. Whether you opt for a chic bob or a playful pixie cut, let your hair be an expression of who you are. Embrace change, step out of your comfort zone, and discover the transformative power of a new hairstyle.


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