Bangalore’s Local Fashion Designers: A Spotlight on Their Creative and Sustainable Work

Mable Thomas

Bangalore, the “Silicon Valley of India,” is not only a hub for technology and innovation but also for fashion and style. The city boasts a vibrant and diverse fashion scene, where local designers showcase their talent and vision through their unique creations. In this article, we will highlight some of the best local fashion designers in Bangalore who are making waves in the industry with their original and eco-friendly designs.

Mable Thomas: A Multi-Talented Designer and Entrepreneur

Mable Thomas is not just a successful fashion designer and entrepreneur but also an aspiring actress, writer, and model. She has been featured in several national advertisements and television commercials, as well as acted in short and full-length films. She runs her label, Styylefairy Couture, which offers a range of custom-made outfits for women and children. She also designs matching dresses for mothers and daughters, adding a touch of elegance and charm to their look. Mable Thomas is one of the most popular fashion designers in Bangalore and is known for her creativity and versatility.

Mable Thomas

Deepika Govind: A Pioneer of Eco-Friendly Fashion

Deepika Govind is a veteran in the fashion industry who has been creating stunning outfits for over two decades. She is a pioneer of eco-friendly fashion, using natural fibers and organic materials to weave beautiful sarees and other garments. She also experiments with new silhouettes and shapes, giving a contemporary twist to timeless pieces. Her designs are not only aesthetically pleasing but also environmentally conscious. She has won several awards and accolades for her work and has showcased her collections on national and international platforms.

Namrata G: A Fashion Consultant and Stylist

Namrata G is a well-known name in Bangalore’s fashion circuit. She is not only a designer but also a fashion consultant and stylist. She has two brands, Namrata G and MAN by NAM, which cater to women and men, respectively. She offers personalized and customized services to her clients, helping them achieve their desired look and style. She also has a studio on Lavelle Road, where she displays her latest collections and accessories. Namrata G is a fashion designer in Bangalore who is noted for her originality and flair.

Anamika Pathak: A Master of Traditional Indian Dresses

Anamika Pathak is a fashion designer in Bangalore who specializes in traditional Indian dresses, such as sarees, lehengas, salwar suits, and more. She has a keen eye for detail and ensures that every piece of her work is flawless and exquisite. She has a boutique in J.P. Nagar, where she showcases her wide range of ethnic and bridal wear. She also offers customized and tailored services to her customers, according to their preferences and occasions. Anamika Pathak is a fashion designer in Bangalore who is renowned for her craftsmanship and elegance.

Riya Kodali: A Rising Star in the Fashion Industry

Riya Kodali is a rising star in the fashion industry, who has made a name for herself in a short period. She started her career in her store, where she designed and sold her creations. She soon gained popularity and recognition for her work and expanded her business to a larger scale. She now has a flagship store in Sadashivnagar, where she offers a variety of outfits, from casual wear to bridal wear. She is also a celebrity favorite and has designed for many famous personalities, such as Deepika Padukone, Priyanka Chopra, and Anushka Sharma. Riya Kodali is a fashion designer in Bangalore, who is known for her innovation and glamour.

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