Travel Tuesday is the best day to score cheap flights and hotel deals — here’s what to book, up to 50% off

Travel Tuesday

If you are looking for some great deals on travel, you might want to mark your calendar for Travel Tuesday, the Tuesday after Thanksgiving. This is the day when many airlines, hotels, cruise lines, and travel agencies offer discounts and promotions for their products and services. Whether you are planning a trip for the end of 2023 or even 2024, you can save up to 50% off on some of the best destinations and experiences around the world.

Travel TuesdayTravel Tuesday

What is Travel Tuesday and why is it a good time to book travel?

Travel Tuesday is a relatively new phenomenon that emerged in the last few years as a way to encourage travelers to book their trips online. Unlike Black Friday and Cyber Monday, which are mostly focused on retail and electronics, Travel Tuesday is dedicated to travel and tourism. According to Skyscanner, a travel search engine, Travel Tuesday is the best day to book flights, as prices drop by an average of 19%. Other travel experts agree that Travel Tuesday is a good time to find deals on hotels, cruises, tours, and more.

The reason why Travel Tuesday is a good time to book travel is because it is a low-demand period for the travel industry. After Thanksgiving, most people are busy with holiday shopping and preparations, and they are not thinking about traveling. This means that travel providers have excess inventory and capacity that they want to fill up. By offering discounts and incentives on Travel Tuesday, they hope to attract more customers and boost their sales.

What are some of the best Travel Tuesday deals for 2023?

There are many Travel Tuesday deals available for 2023, but some of the best ones are:

  • Hawaiian Airlines: Take a tropical escape for the holidays. Hawaii Air is offering major deals right now. You can find one-way flights for as low as $91 by booking a basic cabin seat.
  • Expedia: Expedia is running a 30% off sale on destinations worldwide, which could be great for booking some awesome hotels at a deep discount. You can also find deals on car rentals, activities, and vacation packages.
  • is offering up to 50% off on select hotels, apartments, and villas around the world. You can also find deals on cruises, with onboard credit of up to $1,000, depending on the cruise.
  • Southwest: If you’re sticking mostly to North America, Southwest’s Cyber Sale is offering discounts on bookings made by Thursday, December 1. Use code CYBER30 to save up to 30% on your next trip in 2023.
  • Aer Lingus: Looking to hit Europe this winter? Check out Aer Lingus right now to save $100 on your next flight. You can also find deals on vacation packages, such as a 6-night flight, bed and breakfast, and rental car vacation to Ireland for two from $1,972.
  • REI: If you are into outdoor adventures, you might want to check out REI’s Cyber Week sale, which offers up to 40% off on gear, clothing, and accessories. You can also find deals on trips and classes, such as a 7-day hiking trip to Patagonia for $2,999.

These are just some of the examples of the Travel Tuesday deals for 2023. There are many more deals to be found online, so make sure to do your research and compare prices before you book. You might also want to act fast, as some of these deals are limited in quantity and time.

How to make the most of Travel Tuesday deals?

To make the most of Travel Tuesday deals, you need to be flexible, prepared, and smart. Here are some tips to help you score the best deals:

  • Be flexible: The best deals are usually for off-peak seasons, unpopular destinations, or last-minute bookings. If you are open to traveling at different times, to different places, or on short notice, you can find some amazing bargains. You can also use tools like Skyscanner or Google Flights to search for the cheapest flights from your location to anywhere in the world.
  • Be prepared: Before you start browsing for deals, make sure you have a clear idea of your budget, preferences, and travel dates. You should also have your passport, credit card, and loyalty program numbers ready, as some deals might require you to book quickly or sign up for a membership. You should also set up alerts and notifications for the deals you are interested in, so you don’t miss out on them.
  • Be smart: Don’t fall for the hype or impulse buy. Not all deals are worth it, and some might have hidden fees, restrictions, or exclusions. Make sure to read the fine print and compare prices with other providers before you book. You should also check the cancellation and refund policies, in case you change your mind or encounter any issues.

Travel Tuesday is a great opportunity to save money and plan your next trip. By following these tips, you can find some of the best Travel Tuesday deals for 2023 and enjoy your travel experience.

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