The Golden Bachelor Finale: Theresa Nist Wins Gerry Turner’s Heart

Golden Bachelor

The first season of The Golden Bachelor, the reality dating show featuring senior citizens, came to an end on Tuesday night with a dramatic and emotional finale. Gerry Turner, the 72-year-old retired businessman from San Diego, California, had to choose between two amazing women: Leslie Fhima, a 69-year-old retired nurse from Minneapolis, Minnesota, and Theresa Nist, a 70-year-old financial services professional from Shrewsbury, New Jersey. After visiting their hometowns, meeting their families, and spending a romantic night with each of them, Gerry made his final decision and proposed to Theresa, who accepted his ring and his heart.

Golden Bachelor

How Gerry fell in love with Theresa

Theresa was one of the 20 women who competed for Gerry’s affection on The Golden Bachelor. She caught his eye on the first night when she arrived in a stunning red dress and impressed him with her confidence and charm. Throughout the season, Theresa and Gerry shared many memorable moments, such as dancing at a masquerade ball, riding a hot air balloon, and playing pickleball. Theresa also opened up to Gerry about her past, including her divorce, her career, and her two sons. Gerry appreciated her honesty and vulnerability and told her he was falling in love with her during their hometown date.

Theresa was not only a favorite of Gerry, but also of the viewers, who praised her for being genuine, down-to-earth, and fun. She also had a strong bond with the other women on the show, especially Leslie, who became her best friend. Theresa showed her support and kindness to Leslie, even when they were both competing for the same man. She also handled the drama and the pressure of the show with grace and maturity, never losing sight of her goal: finding love with Gerry.

Why did Gerry choose Theresa over Leslie?

Leslie was the other finalist on The Golden Bachelor, and she also had a strong connection with Gerry. Leslie was a sweet and caring woman, who had a passion for gardening, cooking, and volunteering. She had been married for 40 years until her husband passed away from cancer. She had three children and six grandchildren, who adored Gerry when they met him. Leslie and Gerry had a lot in common, such as their love for nature, animals, and family. Leslie also told Gerry she loved him during their fantasy suite date, and Gerry reciprocated her feelings.

However, Gerry ultimately chose Theresa over Leslie, and he explained his reasons during the final rose ceremony. He said that he had a hard time making his decision because he loved both women and could see a future with either of them. He said that Leslie was a wonderful woman, who had touched his heart and his soul. He said that he would always cherish their time together and that he hoped they could remain friends. He then turned to Theresa and said that she was the one who made him feel alive, happy, and young. He said that she was his best friend, his partner, and his soulmate. He said that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her, and he got down on one knee and asked her to marry him. Theresa said yes, and they hugged and kissed as fireworks lit up the sky.

What’s next for Gerry and Theresa?

Gerry and Theresa are still engaged and happy, according to the latest updates from the show. They have been spending time together in San Diego, where Gerry lives, and in New Jersey, where Theresa lives. They are planning to move in together soon and to have a wedding shortly. They are also looking forward to traveling the world, meeting each other’s friends and families, and enjoying their golden years together. They said that they are grateful for The Golden Bachelor, which gave them a second chance at love, and that they are excited for their new chapter as a couple.

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