The Dawn of a New Era in Audience Measurement

New Era

The media industry is witnessing a transformative moment as two major players, Comscore and VideoAmp, receive the coveted Joint Industry Committee (JIC) certification. This development heralds a new chapter in audience measurement, promising enhanced accuracy and transparency for advertisers and broadcasters alike.

Comscore and VideoAmp have successfully met the rigorous standards set by the JIC, marking their approval for use as national currencies in the complex world of media metrics. This achievement is not just a win for the companies but a significant stride for the industry, which has long sought more reliable and comprehensive measurement tools.

New Era

Setting New Standards

The certification process, while less intensive than the Media Rating Council’s audits, still demands a high level of scrutiny. Comscore and VideoAmp underwent a thorough evaluation, proving their capabilities in providing transactional data across traditional and advanced audience metrics.

The JIC’s endorsement is a testament to their readiness to serve as transactional currencies, meeting the needs of today’s cross-platform media landscape. With this recognition, the two firms are poised to play a pivotal role in upfront negotiations, offering buyers a new level of confidence in their media investments.

The Road to Certification

The journey to this point has been marked by a series of evaluations and conditional approvals. The JIC’s decision comes after a detailed assessment of a set of minimum requirements necessary for cross-platform currencies to be considered transactional.

Comscore and VideoAmp’s certification is valid for a two-year term, reflecting the JIC’s confidence in their continued performance and adherence to the established standards. This period will be crucial for the companies to solidify their positions and for the industry to adapt to the new measurement options available.

Implications for the Upfront Season

As the upfront season approaches, advertisers and broadcasters are keenly aware of the need for accurate measurement. The JIC certification of Comscore and VideoAmp offers a fresh alternative to the traditional Nielsen ratings, which have dominated the industry for decades.

With the introduction of these new currencies, the media buying process is set to become more dynamic, giving stakeholders more options and potentially reshaping the way advertising effectiveness is gauged.

By Andrea Wilson

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