Slipknot Announces Split With Drummer Jay Weinberg After 10 Years


Slipknot, the iconic masked metal band, has confirmed that they are parting ways with their drummer Jay Weinberg, who joined the group in 2014 following the departure of original drummer Joey Jordison. The band said that the split was a creative decision and that they are excited for the future.


A Decade of Dedication and Passion

Jay Weinberg, the son of Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band drummer Max Weinberg, was a fan of Slipknot since his childhood. He attended his first Slipknot concert when he was 10 years old and even met the band backstage. He later auditioned for the band in 2013 after Jordison left the group due to personal and health reasons. Weinberg impressed the band with his skills and energy and was officially announced as the new drummer in 2014.

Weinberg played on the band’s 2014 album .5: The Gray Chapter, which was dedicated to the memory of their late bassist Paul Gray, who died in 2010. He also contributed to the band’s 2019 album We Are Not Your Kind, which received critical acclaim and debuted at number one on the Billboard 200 chart. Weinberg also played on the band’s 2020 EP The End, So Far, which featured unreleased tracks and remixes.

Weinberg was recognized as one of the best drummers in the metal scene and won several awards, including the Metal Drummer of the Year in the 2023 Modern Drummer Reader’s Poll. He also performed with the band at various festivals and tours, including the Download Festival in Leicestershire earlier this year.

A Creative Decision to Part Ways

On Sunday, November 5, 2023, Slipknot announced on their website and social media accounts that they have decided to split with Weinberg as part of a creative decision. The band thanked Weinberg for his dedication and passion over the past 10 years and wished him all the best. They also said that they are intent on evolving and are very excited for what the future holds.

The band did not reveal the reason behind the split or who will replace Weinberg as the drummer. Weinberg has not yet commented publicly on his departure from the band. Fans have been reacting to the news with mixed emotions, with some expressing sadness and shock, while others showing support and curiosity.

Slipknot, which was formed in 1995, has changed its line-up several times over the years. The band currently has eight members, including vocalist Corey Taylor, percussionists Shawn Crahan and Craig Jones, guitarists Jim Root and Mick Thomson, bassist Alessandro Venturella, and turntablist Sid Wilson. The band is known for its aggressive style, horror masks, and live shows.

What’s Next for Slipknot and Weinberg?

Slipknot is expected to release a new album in 2024, which will be their seventh studio album. The band has also announced a tour in Europe and North America for next year, which will feature special guests and surprises. The band has not yet confirmed who will be the new drummer for the upcoming album and tour.

Weinberg, who is 33 years old, has not announced his future plans yet. He has previously played with other bands and artists, such as Against Me!, Madball, and E Street Band. He has also expressed interest in producing and composing music. Weinberg has a large fan base and a strong reputation in the music industry, so he is likely to continue his musical career in some form or another.

Slipknot and Weinberg have both made a significant impact on the metal scene and have inspired many fans and musicians. Their split marks the end of an era, but also the beginning of a new one. Both parties have shown respect and gratitude for each other and have expressed optimism for the future. It remains to be seen how Slipknot and Weinberg will evolve and what they will create next.

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