Ralph Cirella, Howard Stern’s Stylist and Friend, Dies at 58

Ralph Cirella

Ralph Cirella, a longtime stylist and friend of radio personality Howard Stern, passed away on Tuesday at the age of 58. He had been battling a rare form of lymphoma for the past year.

Ralph Cirella

A Trustworthy, Dear Friend

Howard Stern announced the sad news on his SiriusXM show on Wednesday, paying tribute to Cirella, who had been a regular caller and guest on his show for more than three decades. Stern described Cirella as “a trustworthy, dear friend” who was always there for him.

“He was a great guy. He was funny, he was loyal, and he was honest. He was a good friend to me and to a lot of people,” Stern said. “He was one of the few people who never betrayed me, never stabbed me in the back, and never talked behind my back.”

Stern also revealed that Cirella was receiving treatment for a “rare lymphoma” at the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York, but his “heart gave out” on Tuesday morning. He said that Cirella had kept his illness private and did not want anyone to feel sorry for him.

“He was very brave. He never complained, and he never asked for anything. He just wanted to live his life,” Stern said. “He was a very independent guy. He didn’t want to burden anyone with his problems.”

A Diverse Career in Entertainment

Cirella had a diverse career in the entertainment industry, working as an actor, a costume designer, a production consultant, and a set designer. He met Stern in 1986, when he created a “talking penis” puppet for a New Year’s Eve special. Although the puppet did not work out, Cirella impressed Stern with his creativity and humor, and they became friends.

Cirella worked on several projects with Stern, including his movie Private Parts (1997), his TV show The Howard Stern Show, and his book Miss America (1995). He also appeared on Stern’s show as a caller and a guest, often stirring up controversy and drama with his opinions and antics. He was known for his feuds with other Stern show regulars, such as Gary Dell’Abate, Artie Lange, and Michael Rapaport.

Cirella also had roles in other movies and TV shows, such as Alien Space Avenger (1989), Welcome to the Max (1993), and The Sopranos (2000). He was also a radio host, hosting his own show, Geektime, on SiriusXM from 2006 to 2016.

A Private and Mysterious Life

Cirella was notoriously private and mysterious about his personal life, especially his sexuality. He was rumored to be gay or bisexual, but he never confirmed or denied it publicly. He was linked to several celebrities, such as Sandra Bernhard, Sara Switzer, James T. Hanley, and Sam Simon, but he never acknowledged any of them as his partners.

Cirella was also known for his eccentric and quirky personality, often wearing unusual outfits and accessories, such as sunglasses, hats, and scarves. He had a passion for comic books, sci-fi, and horror, and he collected memorabilia and toys related to his interests. He was also an avid fan of Star Wars, Star Trek, and Batman.

Cirella is survived by his mother, his brother, and his niece. He will be missed by his friends, fans, and colleagues, who have expressed their condolences and memories on social media.

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