Professional Women’s Hockey League to kick off on New Year’s Day


The Professional Women’s Hockey League (PWHL) has announced its inaugural season schedule, which will begin on January 1, 2024, with a game between Toronto and New York. The new league, which is backed by the NHL and funded by Los Angeles Dodgers co-owner Mark Walter and his wife Kimbra, aims to provide a sustainable and competitive platform for the top women’s hockey players in the world.


PWHL features six teams across Canada and the US

The PWHL will consist of six teams located in Montreal, Ottawa, and Toronto in Canada, and Minnesota, New York, and Boston in the US. The team names and logos will be revealed at a later date. The league will have a 24-game regular season, followed by playoffs and a championship series. The subsequent seasons will start in November and have 32 regular-season games.

The league has hired some of the most respected names in women’s hockey as general managers for each team, including former Olympians Natalie Darwitz, Gina Kingsbury, and Daniele Sauvageau. The league also boasts a strong leadership team, with hockey legend Jayna Hefford as the Senior Vice President of Hockey Operations, and former Premier Hockey Federation commissioner Dani Rylan Kearney as the Chief Operating Officer.

PWHL offers attractive salaries and benefits for players

The PWHL has set a salary requirement where each team must sign six players to three-year contracts worth $80,000 per year. The league has also promised to provide health insurance, retirement plans, maternity leave, and childcare support for its players. The league has also partnered with the NHL to offer access to its facilities, resources, and expertise.

The PWHL has attracted some of the best players in the world, who have signed up as free agents or entered the draft. The league held its inaugural draft on September 18, 2023, where 90 players were selected over 15 rounds. The first overall pick was Taylor Heise, a forward from the University of Minnesota, who was drafted by the Minnesota team. The draft also featured several players who applied for “compassionate circumstances”, which allowed them to stay in their home markets.

PWHL hopes to grow the game and inspire the next generation

The PWHL has a vision to not only showcase the elite talent of women’s hockey but also to grow the game and inspire the next generation of players and fans. The league has pledged to invest in grassroots programs, community outreach, and youth development. The league has also partnered with several media outlets, including ESPN, TSN, and Sportsnet, to broadcast its games and increase its exposure.

The PWHL has received positive feedback and support from the hockey community, including the NHL, the NHL Players’ Association, the International Ice Hockey Federation, and the Professional Women’s Hockey Players Association. The league hopes to create a lasting legacy for women’s hockey and become a model for other professional women’s sports leagues.

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