Mets Hire Carlos Mendoza as New Manager from Yankees

The New York Mets have found their new manager in Carlos Mendoza, who has been the bench coach of the rival Yankees for the past four seasons. The team announced the hiring on Monday, ending a month-long search for a replacement for Buck Showalter, who was fired in October.

Carlos Mendoza

Mendoza Brings Youth and Experience to Mets

Mendoza, 43, is a former infielder who played in the minor leagues for the Yankees and Giants. He joined the Yankees as a coach in 2009 and worked his way up to the major league staff in 2018. He has been praised for his communication skills, baseball acumen, and ability to connect with players from different backgrounds.

Mendoza will be the first Venezuelan-born manager in MLB history, and the second Latino manager in Mets history, after Luis Rojas, who was fired in 2021. He will also be the youngest manager in the National League, and the third-youngest in the majors.

Mendoza said he was honored and excited to join the Mets, and thanked the Yankees for giving him the opportunity to grow as a coach. He also expressed his admiration for the Mets’ talented roster, which includes stars like Jacob deGrom, Francisco Lindor, and Pete Alonso.

“I’m looking forward to working with this group of players and helping them reach their full potential,” Mendoza said in a statement. “I believe we have what it takes to compete for a championship and bring joy to our fans.”

Mets Choose Mendoza over Counsell

The Mets’ decision to hire Mendoza came as a surprise to some, as the team was also considering Craig Counsell, the manager of the Milwaukee Brewers, who led his team to the best record in the NL in 2021. Counsell was reportedly the preferred choice of David Stearns, the new president of baseball operations for the Mets, who worked with Counsell in Milwaukee.

However, the Brewers refused to grant permission for the Mets to interview Counsell, citing a clause in his contract that prevented him from leaving for another team. The Mets then turned their attention to Mendoza, who impressed them with his vision and enthusiasm during the interview process.

Stearns said he was confident that Mendoza was the right fit for the Mets, and praised his leadership qualities and baseball knowledge.

“Carlos is a bright, energetic, and passionate leader who has a great understanding of the game and a strong connection with the players,” Stearns said in a statement. “He has a proven track record of success as a coach and a player development coordinator, and we are thrilled to have him as our new manager.”

Mendoza Faces High Expectations in New York

Mendoza will inherit a Mets team that has high expectations, but also a history of underperformance and disappointment. The Mets finished third in the NL East in 2021, despite having the highest payroll in the league and making several big moves in the offseason, such as acquiring Lindor and Carlos Carrasco from the Indians, and signing James McCann and Trevor May as free agents.

The Mets also dealt with several injuries, controversies, and distractions throughout the season, such as deGrom’s elbow issues, Lindor’s slump and altercation with Jeff McNeil, Alonso’s comments on the sticky substance crackdown, and the thumbs-down gesture by Javier Baez and other players.

Mendoza will have to deal with the pressure and scrutiny of the New York media and fans, as well as the expectations of the team’s owner, Steve Cohen, who bought the team in 2020 for a record $2.4 billion and has vowed to make the Mets a perennial contender.

Mendoza said he was ready for the challenge, and said he would bring a positive and collaborative approach to the Mets’ clubhouse and culture.

“I know this is a tough market, but I love the game and I love to compete,” Mendoza said. “I’m not afraid of the pressure, I embrace it. I want to create a winning environment where everyone feels respected, valued, and motivated to give their best every day.”

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