Melanie Martinez Announces Trilogy Tour to Celebrate Her Three Albums

Melanie Martinez

Melanie Martinez, the singer-songwriter who rose to fame as a contestant on The Voice, has announced a new arena tour that will celebrate her three albums: Cry Baby, K-12, and Portals. The tour, titled the Trilogy Tour, will feature songs from all three records and revive her fan-favorite character Cry Baby.

Melanie Martinez

Cry Baby’s Story

Cry Baby is the alter-ego of Martinez, who first introduced her on her debut album Cry Baby in 2015. The album tells the story of Cry Baby, a girl who is emotionally vulnerable and struggles with various issues such as family, love, and bullying. The album was a commercial and critical success, earning Martinez a cult following and a platinum certification in the US.

In 2019, Martinez released her second album K-12, which is also a film and a musical. The album and film follow Cry Baby as she attends a boarding school that is full of corruption and oppression. Cry Baby and her friends try to expose the dark secrets of the school and fight for their freedom. The album and film received positive reviews from critics and fans, and the film was screened in select theaters worldwide.

In 2023, Martinez released her third album Portals, which is also a web series and a video game. The album and web series show Cry Baby’s rebirth as a pink-skinned, four-eyed fairy creature who travels through different dimensions and realities. Cry Baby explores various themes such as identity, spirituality, and creativity. The album and web series were praised for their innovation and experimentation, and the video game was a hit among gamers and music lovers.

The Trilogy Tour

Martinez announced the Trilogy Tour on her Instagram, sharing a tour poster that shows Cry Baby lying next to her pink fairy form. She wrote: “The cycle of life – from the beginning of crybaby’s story to the end. The trilogy tour!! Your favorite songs from all three albums in one show … This tour is going to be so special.”

The Trilogy Tour will kick off in June 2024 in North America and will continue in Europe, Asia, and Australia. Martinez will perform songs from all three albums, as well as some unreleased tracks and covers. She will also change her costumes and stage design according to the theme of each album. Fans can expect a visual and musical spectacle that will showcase Martinez’s artistic evolution and vision.

The tickets for the Trilogy Tour will go on sale on Friday, November 17, 2023, through Live Nation. Fans can also access a presale by signing up for Martinez’s newsletter or joining her fan club. The tour dates and venues are listed on Martinez’s website.

Fans’ Reactions

Fans of Martinez were ecstatic about the announcement of the Trilogy Tour and expressed their excitement and support on social media. Many fans said they were looking forward to seeing Martinez perform songs from all three albums, especially the ones from Portals, which she had not performed live before. Some fans also said they were happy to see Cry Baby’s character return, and praised Martinez for creating such a unique and captivating concept.

One fan commented on Martinez’s Instagram post: “I’m so proud of you Melanie, you’ve come so far and created such amazing albums and stories. I can’t wait to see you on the Trilogy Tour, it’s going to be epic.” Another fan tweeted: “Melanie Martinez is bringing back Cry Baby for the Trilogy Tour and I’m crying. She’s the best artist ever, I love her so much.” A third fan wrote: “The Trilogy Tour is going to be the best thing that ever happened to me. I’ve been a fan of Melanie Martinez since Cry Baby and I’ve followed her journey through K-12 and Portals. She’s such an inspiration and a genius.”

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