John Lennon’s Ex-Girlfriend Reveals His Desire to Reunite with Paul McCartney

John Lennon

May Pang, the former girlfriend of John Lennon, has opened up about her 18-month relationship with the legendary musician in a new documentary titled “The Lost Weekend: A Love Story”. The film, which is available for home viewing on demand and Blu-ray, challenges the popular notion that Lennon’s separation from Yoko Ono in 1973 was a dark and chaotic period of his life. Instead, Pang portrays it as a productive and happy time, when Lennon collaborated with other artists, reconnected with his son Julian, and even expressed his wish to write songs with Paul McCartney again.

John Lennon

Pang, who was 22 when she started dating Lennon, says that their romance began at the suggestion of Ono, who wanted them to go out while she and Lennon were having marital problems. Pang initially refused, but later gave in to Lennon’s charm. She says that he was an “awesome person who wanted to discover things” and that they shared a passion for music.

Lennon almost reunited with McCartney in New Orleans

One of the most surprising revelations in the documentary is that Lennon was eager to reunite with his former Beatles bandmate McCartney, whom he had not seen in three years. Pang says that Lennon called McCartney in 1974 and invited him to join him in New Orleans, where he was recording his album Walls and Bridges. McCartney agreed, but asked for a few days to sort out some visa issues.

Pang says that she and Lennon were excited about the prospect of working together again, and even booked a studio for them. However, their plans were dashed when McCartney called back and said that he had changed his mind. Pang speculates that McCartney’s wife Linda might have influenced his decision, as she was not fond of Ono and did not want to get involved in their drama.

Pang says that Lennon was disappointed, but did not give up on his dream of writing with McCartney again. She says that he kept a tape recorder by his bed and recorded ideas for songs that he hoped to share with him someday.

Pang witnessed rock ‘n’ roll history

Pang also shares her memories of being with Lennon during some of the most iconic moments of rock ‘n’ roll history. She recalls how they attended Elton John’s concert at Madison Square Garden in 1974, where Lennon made a surprise appearance and performed three songs with him. It was the last time that Lennon performed live on stage.

She also remembers how they visited David Bowie in the studio, where he was working on his album Young Americans. She says that Lennon co-wrote and sang backup vocals on the song “Fame”, which became Bowie’s first number one hit in the US.

Pang also reveals how they hung out with other rock stars like Harry Nilsson, Ringo Starr, and Mick Jagger. She says that they had fun parties, but also had quiet moments at home. She says that Lennon loved to cook, swim, and watch movies with her.

Pang still cherishes her time with Lennon

Pang says that she and Lennon broke up in 1975, when Ono convinced him to return to her. She says that she was heartbroken, but respected his decision. She says that they remained friends until his tragic death in 1980.

Pang says that she still cherishes her time with Lennon, and hopes that the documentary will show a different side of him to the world. She says that he was not a lost soul, but a loving and creative one. She says that he was “the love of my life”.

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