Jenna Ortega Leaves Scream 7 Due to Wednesday Season 2 Conflict

Jenna Ortega

Jenna Ortega, who played Tara Carpenter in the last two installments of the Scream franchise, has decided not to return for the seventh film. According to multiple reports, Ortega’s departure from the upcoming film was in the works months ago before the SAG-AFTRA strike began. The main reason behind her exit is that her schedule is too busy with other projects, especially the second season of Netflix’s Wednesday, where she stars as the titular character.

Ortega’s career has skyrocketed since her breakout role as Wednesday Addams, the gothic daughter of the iconic Addams Family. The show, created by Tim Burton, has been a huge hit for Netflix, earning rave reviews and a loyal fanbase. Ortega has also been praised for her performance, which showcases her range and versatility as an actress.

Jenna Ortega

How will Ortega’s absence affect Scream 7?

Ortega’s character, Tara Carpenter, was introduced in Scream (2022), the fifth film of the series that served as a reboot and a sequel to the original four films. Tara is the younger sister of Sam Carpenter (Melissa Barrera), the main protagonist of the film. Tara was attacked by the Ghostface killer in the opening scene but survived and helped Sam and the other survivors unmask the killers.

Ortega reprised her role in Scream VI, which was released earlier this year. The film followed Tara and Sam as they moved to Woodsboro, the town where the original Scream took place. There, they faced a new wave of Ghostface murders, orchestrated by a mysterious mastermind. Tara proved to be a brave and resourceful heroine, who fought back against the killers and survived once again.

Ortega’s character was a fan favorite among the new generation of Scream characters, and many were hoping to see her return for Scream 7. However, her exit from the franchise does not necessarily mean that her character will be killed off or written out. The Scream films have always featured a large ensemble cast, and some characters have skipped certain films without being mentioned. For example, Kirby Reed (Hayden Panettiere), who was a survivor of Scream 4, did not appear in Scream 5 or 6 but was confirmed to be alive by the filmmakers.

Therefore, Ortega’s character may be absent from Scream 7, but still alive and well in the Scream universe. Perhaps she will be busy with college, work, or other personal matters, and will not be involved in the latest Ghostface killings. Alternatively, she could make a cameo appearance or a voice-over, to show her support for her sister and the other survivors.

What’s next for Ortega and Scream 7?

Ortega’s upcoming projects include finishing the strike-impacted Beetlejuice 2, which was about “99% done” according to director Tim Burton. She will also star in the second season of Wednesday, which is expected to begin filming soon. The show has been renewed for a second season by Netflix, and is one of the top priorities for the streaming giant. Ortega will reprise her role as Wednesday Addams, the dark and mischievous teenager who attends a boarding school and uncovers a supernatural mystery.

As for Scream 7, the film is still in the early stages of development. The only confirmed detail so far is that Christopher Landon, who directed the horror comedy films Happy Death Day and Freaky, will helm the project. Landon is a longtime fan of the Scream franchise and has expressed his excitement and honor to be part of it. He has also hinted that he will bring his signature humor and twists to the film while staying true to the spirit and legacy of the series.

Scream 7 does not have a release date yet, but it is unlikely to be released before 2025. The previous two films, Scream 5 and 6, were released just 15 months apart, and were both critically and commercially successful. However, the production of Scream 7 will have to wait until Ortega and the other cast members are available, and until the script is finalized. The film will also have to compete with other horror sequels, such as Halloween Ends and The Conjuring 4, which are slated for 2024.

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