Hyundai Workers in Alabama Stand Up for Union Rights


The United Auto Workers (UAW) announced on Thursday that more than 30 percent of the workers at the Hyundai plant in Montgomery, Alabama, have signed up to join the union. This is the third public union drive at an automaker in the Southeast, following Mercedes-Benz in Tuscaloosa and Volkswagen in Chattanooga. The UAW has set an ambitious goal to organize 150,000 autoworkers across 13 non-union plants in the region.

The Hyundai workers have launched a campaign called “Montgomery Can’t-Wait”, where they draw inspiration from the civil rights movement and the legacy of Rosa Parks. They say they are ready to stand up for better wages, benefits, working conditions, and respect on the job. They also hope to have a voice in the company’s decisions, especially as Hyundai shifts to producing more electric and luxury vehicles.


Hyundai Workers Face Challenges and Opportunities

The Hyundai workers have tried to unionize before, in 2016, but they faced strong opposition from the management and did not gain enough support from their co-workers. They also did not file any unfair labor practice charges after being intimidated and harassed for organizing. This time, they say they are more prepared and determined to win their union rights.

The Hyundai plant, which opened in 2005, is the only one in the U.S. and employs nearly 4,000 workers. It produces the Santa Fe and Tucson SUVs, the Santa Cruz pickup truck, the Genesis GV70 luxury SUV, and the Electrified GV70. The workers say they are proud of their work, but they also want to be treated fairly and have a say in their future.

The Hyundai workers have some advantages in their union drive, such as the support of the UAW and the local community, the recent contract wins at the Big Three automakers, and the pro-labor policies of the Biden administration. However, they also face some challenges, such as the anti-union culture and laws of the South, the global competition and uncertainty in the auto industry, and the possible resistance and retaliation from the Hyundai management.

Hyundai Workers Seek Voluntary Recognition

The Hyundai workers have reached the first milestone of their union drive, which is to sign up 30 percent of their co-workers on union authorization cards. This allows them to go public with their campaign and seek support from other workers, allies, and the public. The next milestone is to sign up 50 percent of the workers, which will trigger a rally with the UAW president and other union and community leaders. The final milestone is to sign up 70 percent of the workers, which will enable them to demand voluntary recognition of their union from the Hyundai management. If the management refuses, the workers will file for an election with the National Labor Relations Board.

The Hyundai workers say they are confident that they will achieve their goal and join the UAW. They say they are not afraid of the challenges and obstacles they may face, and they are ready to fight for their rights and dignity. They say they are inspired by the motto of the UAW: “Solidarity Forever”.

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