How Much to Tip a Mover: Expert Advice

Tip a Mover

Moving can be stressful, but tipping your movers doesn’t have to be. So, how much should you tip a mover? It all comes down to a simple calculation. First, determine the total cost of your move, including any additional services or fees. Once you have an estimate in hand, consider tipping your movers between 10-20% of that total amount. This is a general rule for tipping movers and can help ensure they are properly compensated for their hard work.

To make things even easier, try using an online tip calculator specifically designed for movers. These handy tools estimate the appropriate tip price based on the total move cost in dollars and take into account factors like exceptional service and tipping etiquette.

Remember, if your movers provided outstanding service, don’t hesitate to show your appreciation by tipping on the higher end of the recommended range. This gesture can make a big difference for the people who rely on tips to supplement their income.

Calculating tips for movers doesn’t have to be a mystery—just follow these simple steps and ensure a smooth moving experience for everyone involved. Whether you’re moving across town or across the country, it’s important to show your appreciation to the hardworking team who is helping you relocate. Tipping is a customary practice in the moving industry, and it’s a way to acknowledge the effort and dedication of the people who are handling your belongings with care. While the amount you tip may vary depending on factors such as the size of your move and the level of service provided, it’s generally recommended to tip around 10.

Tip a Mover

Factors to Consider when Tipping Movers

When considering how much to tip, evaluate the complexity and size of your move. Moving can be stressful and physically demanding for people in Los Angeles, especially if you have a large house like Keaton with many rooms and belongings. The amount of work involved can vary greatly depending on factors such as the number of items, the distance to be covered, and any additional services required from the lender. If you are moving long-distance, it is likely that the movers will put in significant effort to ensure a smooth relocation. In such cases, it is appropriate to consider tipping on the higher end of the spectrum.

When hiring movers in Los Angeles, it’s important to consider any additional services they offer. Some moving companies provide comprehensive packages that include packing and unpacking assistance. These extra services require more time and effort from the workers. If you choose these services or if they are part of your package, it may be worth giving a higher gratuity amount as a token of appreciation for their hard work.

Consider tipping more if there are challenging circumstances like stairs or heavy items. Moving heavy furniture up several flights of stairs can be physically demanding and time-consuming for movers. Similarly, if you have particularly bulky or fragile items that require special care during transportation, it is important to acknowledge the extra effort put forth by the crew. In these situations, it is reasonable to tip above average as an acknowledgment of their exceptional work.

Keep in mind any discounts or promotions that may affect your decision. Some moving companies offer promotional deals or discounted rates during certain times of the year or for specific types of moves (e.g., local moves). While this shouldn’t necessarily impact your decision on how much to tip based solely on price, it is worth considering when determining an appropriate amount. If you received exceptional service at a discounted rate compared to regular prices, tipping closer to what you would have paid without the discount would be a fair gesture.

There is no fixed rule or percentage like in the restaurant industry. However, considering factors such as the complexity and size of your move, additional services provided, challenging circumstances faced by the workers, and any discounts or promotions you received can help guide your decision. Ultimately, tipping should reflect your appreciation for their hard work and dedication throughout the moving process.

Should You Tip Movers in Cash or Card?

One common question arises when planning a local move: should you tip the movers in cash or with a credit card? Let’s delve into this topic and explore the pros and cons of each payment method, considering how it may impact the total move cost.

Opt for Cash Tips as They Are Preferred by Most Movers

Cash has long been the traditional way to show gratitude to service providers, including movers. The primary advantage of tipping in cash is that it offers immediate gratification for the workers. Unlike credit card tips, which may take time to process, cash allows movers to receive their well-deserved reward right away. Moreover, many moving professionals prefer cash because they can easily divide it among themselves at the end of a job.

If Using a Card, Check with the Moving Company if They Accept Tips via Card Payment

In today’s digital age, paying with a credit card is convenient and hassle-free for the total move cost. However, not all moving companies accept tips through card payments. Before assuming that your preferred method will work for the total move cost, it’s essential to check with the company beforehand. Some businesses may have policies prohibiting tipping via credit cards due to transaction fees or other reasons for the total move cost. Therefore, make sure you inquire about their preferred payment methods before finalizing your decision for the total move cost.

Ensure You Have Enough Cash on Hand for Individual Tips if You Choose This Method

If you decide that tipping in cash is the way to go, it’s crucial to plan ahead and ensure you have enough funds available. Consider calculating an appropriate amount based on factors such as the size of your move and the level of service provided by the movers. It’s customary to tip around 10-15% of the total cost of your move per individual mover. For example:

  • If your move costs $1,000 and there are four movers assisting you, consider preparing $40-$60 per mover.

  • If there are additional crew members who provided exceptional service, you may want to allocate a higher tip for them.

Remember, tipping is entirely discretionary, and the amount ultimately depends on your satisfaction with the movers’ performance.

Consider Providing Both Cash and a Small Gift as a Token of Appreciation

While cash tips are highly appreciated by movers, you can make the gesture even more special by including a small gift. This additional token of appreciation shows that you value their hard work and dedication. Consider items such as:

  • Bottled water or refreshments to keep them hydrated during the move.

  • Snacks or energy bars to provide sustenance throughout the day.

  • Gift cards for local restaurants or cafes where they can enjoy a meal after completing your move.

  • Personalized thank-you notes expressing your gratitude for their excellent service.

By combining cash with a thoughtful gift, you’ll create an unforgettable experience for the movers and leave a lasting impression.

How to Split Tips among Movers?

Moving can be a stressful and exhausting process, but one way to show appreciation for the hard work of your movers is by tipping them. However, deciding how much to tip and how to split it among the crew can be a bit confusing.

Divide the total tip amount equally among all members of the moving crew.

Fairness is key. It’s important to acknowledge that each member of the moving crew contributes their time and effort towards making your move successful. Therefore, dividing the total tip amount equally ensures that everyone receives an equal share for their hard work.

Give each mover their share individually rather than handing over one lump sum to be split later.

To avoid any potential misunderstandings or conflicts regarding tip distribution, it is best practice to give each mover their share individually. This approach allows you to express your gratitude directly and ensures that each member of the team receives their fair portion without any confusion or miscommunication.

Consider giving slightly larger tips to those who went above and beyond during your move.

While dividing tips equally is fair, there might be instances where certain movers go above and beyond their duties during your move. Whether they handled fragile items with extra care or provided exceptional customer service, it’s worth considering giving slightly larger tips as a token of appreciation for their outstanding efforts. This not only motivates them but also recognizes their dedication towards ensuring a smooth moving experience for you.

Communicate with other household members about how much each person will contribute towards tipping.

To avoid any financial discrepancies or misunderstandings within your household, it’s crucial to communicate openly about how much each person will contribute towards tipping the movers. By discussing this beforehand, you can ensure that everyone involved agrees on a fair amount and avoids any potential conflicts or confusion when it comes time to tip the movers.

Tipping Movers: Dos and Don’ts

Tipping the movers is a common practice to show appreciation for their hard work. But how much should you tip a mover? Here are some dos and don’ts to keep in mind.


  • Do express gratitude verbally along with monetary appreciation: While tipping movers with cash is customary, don’t forget the power of a simple “thank you.” Expressing your gratitude verbally can go a long way in making the movers feel valued and appreciated.

  • Do provide snacks and drinks during breaks: Moving can be physically demanding work, so consider offering some snacks and drinks to keep the movers energized during their breaks. It’s a small gesture that shows you care about their well-being.

  • Do write positive reviews online about their service: If you had a positive experience with the moving company, take the time to write a review online. Positive reviews not only help future customers make informed decisions but also serve as recognition for a job well done by the movers.

  • Do consider offering assistance if needed: While professional movers are there to handle all aspects of your move, if you notice they could use an extra hand or have questions about where certain items should go, offer your assistance. This collaborative approach fosters good communication and teamwork throughout the process.


  • Don’t wait until after the move is complete to give tips: It’s best not to wait until after everything is unloaded from the truck before giving tips. Instead, try to distribute tips throughout the day as each mover completes their tasks. This way, they know they’re appreciated in real-time.

  • Don’t feel obligated to tip if you received poor service: Tipping is meant as an acknowledgment of exceptional service provided by the movers. If you encountered significant issues or received poor service, you are not obligated to tip. However, it’s essential to address any concerns with the moving company directly.

  • Don’t forget to ask the moving company’s policy on tipping: Before your move, inquire about the moving company’s policy on tipping. Some companies may include a gratuity fee in their pricing or have specific guidelines regarding tipping. Understanding their policy will help you navigate the tipping process more smoothly.

  • Don’t tip individual movers directly if the company has a no-tipping policy: While it is customary to tip individual movers, some companies have a strict no-tipping policy in place. In such cases, respect the company’s rules and refrain from tipping directly. Instead, consider other ways of showing appreciation, such as providing positive feedback or recommending their services to others.

Remember that these dos and don’ts are general rules of thumb. The specific customs and expectations may vary depending on your location and the moving company you hire. For example, in Los Angeles, tipping around 10-20% of the total cost is common practice.

Tipping Movers: Common Mistakes to Avoid

Avoid tipping based solely on the time taken for the move.

One common mistake people make when tipping movers is basing it solely on the time it took to complete the job. While it may seem logical to reward efficiency, this approach overlooks other important factors. Movers’ skills and expertise should also be considered, as well as their ability to handle delicate items or navigate tight spaces without causing damage. Instead of focusing solely on time, consider a tip that reflects the quality of service provided.

Don’t assume that all movers expect or require a tip.

Contrary to popular belief, not all movers expect or require a tip. Some moving companies have policies in place that prohibit their employees from accepting tips. It’s essential to check with the moving company beforehand to understand their tipping policy. If tipping is allowed and you feel inclined to do so, consider offering a token of appreciation rather than assuming it is expected.

Avoid giving overly generous tips without considering your budget.

While it’s important to show gratitude for excellent service, giving overly generous tips without considering your budget can lead to financial strain. It’s crucial to strike a balance between showing appreciation and being mindful of your own financial situation. Consider what you can comfortably afford and base your tip on that amount. Remember that even a modest tip can go a long way in expressing your thanks.

Don’t forget to factor in any additional fees already paid to the moving company.

When determining how much to tip movers, don’t forget about any additional fees you may have already paid for their services. These fees could include charges for packing materials, storage units, or specialized equipment needed for the move. Since these costs are separate from the actual labor performed by the movers, they should be taken into account when deciding on an appropriate tip amount.

How to Show Appreciation to Movers?

Appreciation Gesture Details Comparison with Example
Provide Refreshments Offer water, snacks, or a meal to the movers during their work
  • This gesture shows the movers that you value their hard work and want to make them comfortable.
  • For example, you can provide a cooler with cold drinks and a variety of snacks for them to enjoy during their breaks.
Write a Thank You Note Express your gratitude by writing a personalized thank you note
  • A thank you note is a thoughtful gesture that shows appreciation for the movers’ efforts. You can mention specific things they did well and how their hard work made your moving experience easier.
  • For example, you can write a thank you note expressing your gratitude for their careful handling of fragile items.
Tip Generously Give a generous tip to the movers as a token of appreciation
  • Tipping is a common way to show gratitude for exceptional service. You can give a tip based on the quality of service provided and the difficulty of the move.
  • For example, you can tip each mover individually and consider giving a higher tip if they went above and beyond to ensure a smooth relocation.
Provide Positive Reviews Leave positive reviews on relevant platforms such as online review sites or social media
  • Positive reviews help the movers build their reputation and attract new clients. You can mention the exceptional service, professionalism, and efficiency of the movers in your review.
  • For example, you can leave a review on a moving company’s website praising their punctuality and the care they took in handling your belongings.

Moving can be a stressful and exhausting experience, but having professional movers can make the process much smoother. These individuals work tirelessly to ensure that your belongings are safely transported to your new place. To show your gratitude for their hard work, it’s important to express appreciation in meaningful ways. Here are some gestures of appreciation you can consider:

Express Your Gratitude

A simple yet heartfelt “thank you” can go a long way in showing your appreciation to movers. Take a moment to personally express your gratitude for their efforts and the care they took in handling your belongings. A genuine compliment or kind words can make their day and leave a lasting positive impression.

Remember, moving is physically demanding work, and movers often go through rigorous training to provide exceptional service. Showing appreciation through gestures like offering assistance, providing refreshments, leaving positive reviews, tipping generously, and expressing gratitude will not only make their day but also create a positive experience for both parties involved.


In conclusion, there are several factors to consider. It is important to assess the quality of service provided, the difficulty of the move, and your budget before deciding on an appropriate tip amount. Cash is generally preferred for tipping movers, as it allows for a more immediate and personal gesture of appreciation. However, if you prefer using a card, ensure that it is accepted by the moving company.

To split tips among movers, it is advisable to divide the total tip amount equally among all members of the moving crew. This ensures fairness and acknowledges the collective effort put into making your move successful. Following some dos and don’ts can help ensure that your tipping experience goes smoothly and leaves a positive impression.

Avoiding common mistakes such as tipping too little or failing to express gratitude can make a significant difference in how your movers perceive their efforts. Showing appreciation through gestures like providing refreshments or writing thank-you notes can go a long way in building rapport with your movers.

In summary, when tipping movers, take into account various factors including service quality and complexity of the move. Consider using cash for tipping but confirm with the moving company if they accept cards. Split tips equally among all members of the crew and be mindful of dos and don’ts to ensure a positive experience for both parties involved.

Remember that expressing gratitude and recognition can foster good relationships with your movers and potentially lead to better service in future moves. By following these guidelines and showing appreciation in meaningful ways, you can create a positive atmosphere during your move.

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