How a Startup is Revolutionizing the Recruitment of Gen-Z Talent?


The recruitment market is facing a huge challenge as the generation of young adults born between 1997 and 2012, also known as Gen-Z, enters the workforce. This cohort has different expectations, preferences, and values than previous generations and requires a personalized and engaging recruitment experience. A startup called Team Me is tackling this challenge with a platform that leverages employee-generated content (EGC) to showcase the culture, values, and products of companies to potential candidates.


What is Team Me, and How Does It Work?

Team Me was founded in 2022 by Maayan Blech and Yotam Tzuker, who saw a gap in the recruitment marketing space. They realized that many companies invest a lot in building their best culture but fail to communicate it effectively to the candidates they want to attract. As a result, job seekers have a hard time understanding what it is really like to work at a company and may miss out on opportunities that match their interests and aspirations.

Team Me aims to solve this problem by enabling companies to create, curate, and distribute authentic and compelling content created by their employees. This content can include videos, testimonials, stories, photos, and more that showcase the company’s culture, values, products, and impact. Team Me’s platform allows companies to easily manage and optimize content across different channels, such as social media, websites, and job boards, and measure its performance and conversion rates.

By using Team Me, companies can offer a personalized and dynamic candidate experience that appeals to Gen-Z’s desire for authenticity, personalization, and social impact. According to Team Me, their platform can help companies increase their employer brand awareness, attract more qualified and diverse candidates, and reduce their hiring costs and time.

Why is Gen-Z recruitment a challenge and an opportunity?

Gen-Z is the largest and most diverse generation in history, comprising 32% of the global population and 75% of the global workforce by 2025. This generation grew up with the internet, social media, and smartphones and has been exposed to a variety of information, opinions, and experiences. As a result, Gen-Z is more educated, connected, and socially conscious than previous generations and has high expectations for their employers and careers.

According to various studies and surveys, Gen-Z values:

  • Personalization: Gen-Z wants to be treated as individuals, not as a homogeneous group. They expect personalized and relevant communication, feedback, and opportunities from their employers.
  • Engagement: Gen-Z is used to consuming and creating content on various platforms and expects the same level of engagement and interactivity from their employers. They want to see and hear from real employees, not just corporate slogans and logos.
  • Authenticity: Gen-Z is skeptical of traditional advertising and marketing and seeks authenticity and transparency from their employers. They want to know the true culture, values, and purpose of a company and how it aligns with their own.
  • Social impact: Gen-Z is passionate about social and environmental issues and wants to work for companies that share their vision and values. They want to see how their work contributes to the greater good and how their employers support their causes and communities.

These values make Gen-Z challenging but also an opportunity for companies that want to recruit and retain them. Companies that can adapt to Gen-Z’s preferences and expectations and offer them a meaningful and rewarding work experience can gain a competitive edge in the talent market and benefit from Gen-Z’s skills, creativity, and diversity.

How is Team Me different from other recruitment solutions?

There are many recruitment solutions available on the market, but Team Me claims to have a unique and innovative approach that sets it apart from the rest. Some of the key features and benefits of Team Me are:

  • Employee-generated content: Team Me harnesses the power and authenticity of EGC, which is more trusted and engaging than corporate-generated content. EGC allows companies to showcase their culture and values from the perspective of their employees, who are the best ambassadors and advocates for their employer brand.
  • Personalized candidate experience: Team Me enables companies to tailor their content and communication to the specific interests, needs, and goals of each candidate. By using data and analytics, Team Me can help companies segment and target their audience and deliver the right content at the right time and place.
  • Comprehensive and scalable platform: Team Me offers a complete solution for creating, managing, and optimizing EGC across multiple platforms and channels. Team Me’s platform is easy to use and integrates with existing tools and systems, such as ATS, CRM, and CMS. Team Me also provides support and guidance for companies to create and execute their EGC strategy and campaigns.
  • Measurable and actionable insights: Team Me provides data and insights on the performance and impact of EGC on the recruitment process. Team Me’s platform tracks and analyzes various metrics, such as views, clicks, shares, applications, hires, and retention. Team Me also offers recommendations and best practices for improving and refining the EGC strategy and content.

What are the plans and goals of Team Me?

Team Me has raised a total of $450,000 from angel investors and accelerators and has already partnered with several leading companies in Israel, such as Nespresso, Coca-Cola, and Nisha Group. Team Me plans to expand its operations, reach other markets, such as Europe and the US, and serve more industries and sectors. Team Me also aims to develop new features and functionalities for its platform, such as gamification, AI, and VR, to enhance the candidate experience and engagement.

Team Me’s vision is to become the leading platform for recruitment marketing and to help companies connect and communicate with Gen-Z talent in a personalized and authentic way. Team Me believes that by using EGC, companies can not only attract and recruit Gen-Z talent but also inspire and empower them to become the future leaders and changemakers of the world.

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