Everton in deep trouble after record-breaking points deduction


Everton have been hit with a massive 10-point deduction by the Premier League for breaching the league’s financial rules, leaving them in a precarious position at the bottom of the table. The sanction is the biggest in the Premier League’s 31-year history and has sparked outrage among Everton fans and the club’s management, who have vowed to appeal the decision.


What did Everton do wrong?

The Premier League’s profitability and sustainability rules allow clubs to lose a maximum of £105m over three years or face sanctions. Everton had recorded losses of £371.8m over the previous three years and annual losses for five consecutive years – more than £430m in total over the period.

The league referred Everton to an independent commission in March following an audit of all top-flight clubs’ financial records for the 2021-22 season. The details of the charge have not been disclosed but are believed to relate to a tax issue connected to loans for Everton’s new stadium at Bramley-Moore dock.

Everton denied any wrongdoing and said they were “prepared to robustly defend” their position to the commission. However, the commission found them guilty of violating the Premier League’s financial fair play rules and imposed a 10-point deduction, effective immediately.

How does the points deduction affect Everton’s position?

The points deduction has plunged Everton into a relegation battle, as they now sit at the bottom of the table with minus five points, 11 points adrift of safety. The Toffees have only won one game out of 11 this season and have scored the fewest goals in the league with seven.

Everton face a tough fixture list ahead, with games against Manchester City, Liverpool, Chelsea, and Arsenal in the next two months. They will need to produce a miraculous turnaround in form and results to avoid dropping to the Championship for the first time since 1951.

The points deduction has also cast doubt over the future of manager Sean Dyche, who took over from Frank Lampard in the summer after narrowly avoiding relegation last season. Dyche has been under pressure from the fans and the media for his defensive style of play and poor results. He has also been linked with a move to Newcastle United, who are looking for a new manager after the takeover by a Saudi-led consortium.

What is Everton’s response to the sanction?

Everton have expressed their shock and disappointment at the commission’s ruling and have announced their intention to appeal the decision to the Premier League. The club said that the sanction was “wholly disproportionate and unjust” and that they had provided information to the league in an “open and transparent manner” and had acted with “the utmost good faith” at all times.

The club has also received support from their fans, who have launched a petition to overturn the points deduction and have staged protests outside the league’s headquarters and the commission’s offices. The fans have accused the league of being biased and unfair and have demanded an independent review of the financial rules and the disciplinary process.

The club has also been backed by other Premier League clubs, who have expressed their solidarity and sympathy with Everton. Some clubs have also raised concerns about the transparency and consistency of the league’s financial regulations and the potential impact of the sanction on the competitiveness and integrity of the league.

What are the implications of the sanction for the Premier League?

The sanction has sent shockwaves across the Premier League and the football world, as it marks the first time that a club has been deducted points for breaching the financial rules. The sanction has also raised questions about the effectiveness and fairness of the league’s financial regulations and the disciplinary process.

The league’s financial rules were introduced in 2013 to ensure that clubs spend within their means and do not incur unsustainable debts. The rules were also meant to promote fair competition and prevent clubs from gaining an unfair advantage through excessive spending.

However, the rules have been criticized by some clubs and experts for being too complex and vague and for not reflecting the realities and challenges of the modern football industry. Some clubs have also accused the league of being inconsistent and arbitrary in applying the rules and imposing sanctions.

The sanction has also highlighted the potential consequences of the rules for the clubs and the league, as it could have a significant impact on the sporting and financial performance of Everton and the league as a whole. The sanction could affect Everton’s ability to attract and retain players and staff, to compete in domestic and European competitions, and to complete their stadium project. The sanction could also affect the league’s reputation and attractiveness to fans, sponsors, and broadcasters, as it could reduce the quality and diversity of the league and create a gap between the rich and the poor clubs.

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