Derek Hough’s wife undergoes emergency surgery for brain injury

Derek Hough

Derek Hough, the famous dancer and judge of “Dancing With the Stars,” revealed that his wife Hayley Erbert was hospitalized and underwent emergency surgery for a “cranial hematoma” on Tuesday night. A cranial hematoma is a collection of blood within the skull, usually caused by a head injury, that can put pressure on the brain and damage it.

He shared the news on his Instagram account, where he posted a note explaining what happened to his wife. “At the end of last night’s tour performance in Washington, D.C., my wife Hayley became disoriented and was taken to the hospital,” the note read. “She was diagnosed with a cranial hematoma from a burst blood vessel and required an emergency craniectomy. She is in stable condition.”

A craniectomy is a surgical procedure that involves removing a part of the skull to relieve the pressure on the brain. Hough thanked the medical staff for their “incredible care” and asked his fans for their “prayers and positive thoughts” for his wife’s recovery. He also apologized for canceling the remaining shows of his “Symphony of Dance” tour, which featured Erbert as a guest star.

Derek Hough

Hayley Erbert is a professional dancer and Hough’s wife

Hayley Erbert is a 27-year-old dancer who has been active in competitions since she was a little girl. She was in the top six on season 10 of “So You Think You Can Dance” and served as one of the “Dancing With the Stars” troupe dancers. She has also worked with celebrities like Paula Abdul and Pitbull.

Erbert met Hough in 2014 while working alongside him and his sister Julianne Hough on their “Move Live!” tour. The following year, they started dating, and they have been together ever since. They announced their engagement in July 2022 and tied the knot in August 2023 in a beautiful cliffside ceremony in Carmel, California.

The couple has shared many adventures, like jumping into the sea and biking together during their honeymoon in Italy. They also have a YouTube channel, Derek & Hayley x Dayley Life, where they post videos for their fans. They have performed together on several occasions, including the “Disney Family Singalong” in 2020, where they danced to “Be Our Guest” from “Beauty and the Beast.”.

Hayley Erbert was praised by Hough for her strength and resilience

Hough has been by his wife’s side throughout her ordeal and has expressed his admiration and love for her on social media. He posted a photo of them holding hands in the hospital and wrote, “I love you so much, my angel. You are the strongest person I know. You inspire me daily with your courage, grace, and resilience.”

He also shared a video of Erbert smiling and waving from her hospital bed and said, “She’s doing great. She’s incredible. She’s a warrior.” He thanked everyone for their support and said that he was “blown away” by the amount of love and kindness they received.

Erbert also gave an update on her condition on her Instagram account, where she posted a series of photos showing her facial healing process. She said that she was “grateful” for her body’s ability to heal so quickly and that she was “feeling good.”. She also thanked Hough for being her “rock” and her “best friend” and said that she couldn’t wait to get back on stage with him.

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