Deion Sanders’ Son Shilo Ejected for Targeting in Colorado vs UCLA Game

Deion Sanders

Shilo Sanders, the son of Colorado head coach Deion Sanders, was ejected for targeting during the first half of CU’s game at UCLA on Saturday. Sanders, a transfer from Jackson State, delivered a huge hit after a reception by UCLA’s Carsen Ryan late in the second quarter. The Buffs safety lowered his shoulder and laid out an almost perfectly-timed hit on Ryan, who was running a crossing route at the CU 20. However, the officials ruled that Sanders made contact with the helmet of Ryan, whose head snapped back. Sanders celebrated the blow for several seconds while a slew of flags flew. Replays confirmed the contact to the helmet, which guaranteed Sanders’ ejection from the game.

Deion Sanders

Deion Sanders Reacts to His Son’s Ejection

Deion Sanders, who is also the head coach of Jackson State, was in attendance at the Rose Bowl to watch his son play. He was seen on the sideline talking to Shilo after he was disqualified for targeting. He also tweeted his frustration with the call, saying that it was “a great hit” and that he was “proud” of his son. He also criticized the targeting rule, saying that it was “killing” the game of football.

Deion Sanders @DeionSanders · Oct 29 That was a great hit son @ShiloSanders I’m so proud of u son. This targeting rule is killing our game. #Truth Quote Tweet FOX College Football @CFBONFOX · Oct 29 Deion speaks with Shilo Sanders on the sideline after he was disqualified for targeting

Former NFL Players Upset with the Targeting Call

Deion Sanders was not the only former NFL player who expressed his displeasure with the targeting call on Shilo Sanders. Several other former players, such as Reggie Bush, Matt Leinart, and Keyshawn Johnson, also tweeted their support for Shilo and their criticism of the rule. They argued that Shilo made a clean and legal hit, and that the rule was too harsh and inconsistent.

Reggie Bush @ReggieBush · Oct 29 That’s not targeting! That’s football! Come on man! #UCLAvsColorado Quote Tweet FOX College Football @CFBONFOX · Oct 29 Shilo Sanders was disqualified for targeting after this hit

Matt Leinart @MattLeinartQB · Oct 29 That’s not targeting. That’s football. What do you want him to do? Horrible call. Quote Tweet FOX College Football @CFBONFOX · Oct 29 Shilo Sanders was disqualified for targeting after this hit

Keyshawn Johnson @keyshawn · Oct 29 That’s not targeting! That’s a great play by Shilo Sanders! These refs are tripping! #UCLAvsColorado Quote Tweet FOX College Football @CFBONFOX · Oct 29 Shilo Sanders was disqualified for targeting after this hit

Colorado Loses to UCLA Despite Shilo’s Forced Fumble

Despite losing Shilo Sanders in the first half, Colorado put up a fight against UCLA in the second half. The Buffs trailed 17-0 at halftime, but scored 14 points in the third quarter to make it a close game. However, UCLA scored two touchdowns in the fourth quarter to seal the win, 31-14. Colorado fell to 2-6 on the season, while UCLA improved to 6-2.

Shilo Sanders had one of the few highlights for Colorado in the first half, when he forced a fumble by UCLA running back Carson Steele with a shoulder-to-shoulder hit. The Buffs recovered the ball and drove down the field, but missed a field goal attempt. Shilo finished the game with two tackles and one forced fumble.

Shilo Sanders Expected to Play Next Game Against Oregon State

Shilo Sanders will not miss any playing time due to his ejection for targeting, as he was disqualified in the first half of the game against UCLA. According to NCAA rules, a player who is ejected for targeting in the first half of a game is eligible to play in the next game. However, if a player is ejected for targeting in the second half of a game, he must sit out the first half of the next game.

Shilo Sanders will be able to play in Colorado’s next game against Oregon State on Nov. 4 at home. The Buffs will try to snap a four-game losing streak and get their first conference win of the season.

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