Chipotle Changes Its Name to Chipolte for a Day to Honor Travis Kelce’s Old Tweets


Travis Kelce, the Kansas City Chiefs tight end and Taylor Swift’s boyfriend, has been making headlines for his old tweets that resurfaced on X (formerly known as Twitter). The tweets, dating back to 2009, show Kelce’s love for Chipotle, naps, and squirrels, among other things. Fans and celebrities alike have been enjoying the wholesome and funny posts, and even Chipotle decided to join the fun by temporarily changing its name to Chipotle, a common misspelling by Kelce.


Chipotle pays tribute to Kelce’s tweets with a name change and a donation

On Wednesday, Nov. 15, 2023, Chipotle’s official account retweeted one of Kelce’s old posts from May 19, 2011, where he complained about the long line at the restaurant. The tweet read, “I hate it when the #Chipotle line is damn near to the door… Smh”. Chipotle responded with a reference to Swift’s song “Anti-Hero”, which is rumored to be about Kelce. The restaurant wrote, “It’s me, hi”, and added a link to their website, which showed their logo changed to Chipolte for the day.

Chipotle also announced that they would donate $10,000 to Kelce’s foundation, Eighty-Seven & Running, which supports disadvantaged youth and communities. The donation was made in honor of Kelce’s jersey number, 87, and his love for Chipotle. The restaurant also encouraged fans to use the hashtag #Chipolte to share their favorite Kelce tweets and win free burritos.

Other fast-food chains and celebrities join the conversation with Swift references

Chipotle was not the only fast-food chain that noticed Kelce’s old tweets and decided to have some fun with them. Taco Bell, Olive Garden, and Pizza Hut also chimed in with their own Swift references, poking fun at Kelce’s spelling and grammar mistakes. For example, Taco Bell tweeted, “I knew you were trouble when you walked in #Chipolte”, while Olive Garden wrote, “You belong with me #Chipolte”. Pizza Hut added, “We are never getting back together #Chipolte”.

Celebrities and fans also joined the conversation, expressing their admiration and amusement for Kelce’s old tweets. Some of Swift’s famous friends, such as Selena Gomez, Ed Sheeran, and Lizzo, showed their support for the couple by retweeting and commenting on Kelce’s posts. Gomez wrote, “This is the cutest thing ever”, while Sheeran said, “Mate, you’re a legend”. Lizzo added, “I’m a fan of both of you, but especially of your tweets”. Fans also praised Kelce for being wholesome, funny, and relatable, and compared his tweets to Swift’s lyrics. Some even created memes and videos based on Kelce’s tweets, such as a parody of Swift’s song “Karma”, where she changed the lyrics to mention Kelce during a concert in Argentina.

Kelce reacts to his old tweets and thanks Chipotle for the donation

Kelce, who has been dating Swift since July 2023, seemed to be amused by his old tweets and the reactions they generated. He retweeted some of his favorites and thanked his fans for their support. He also thanked Chipotle for the donation and the name change and joked that he still loves Chipotle. He wrote, “Wow, this is amazing. Thank you @Chipotle for the generous donation and the name change. I appreciate it so much. And yes, I still love Chipolte”.

Kelce also addressed his relationship with Swift, saying that he is very happy and proud of her. He said that he had a bit of a clue that she would change the lyrics of “Karma” to mention him, but he was still shocked and touched by the gesture. He said, “She’s incredible. She’s the most talented and beautiful woman I’ve ever met. I’m so lucky to have her in my life. She surprised me with the lyric change, and I was blown away. It was the best moment of my life”.

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