Bubly’s Bold Move: A Sweeter Sparkle in the Beverage Battle


PepsiCo’s Bubly brand has introduced a new line extension, Bubly Burst, marking a significant shift in the sparkling water market. This new variety aims to offer a sweeter taste without compromising on health-conscious trends. Bubly Burst is set to compete directly with Sparkling Ice, targeting the $1.8 billion sweetened sparkling water market.


The Sweet Strategy

Bubly Burst is designed to appeal to consumers seeking a more flavorful alternative to traditional sparkling waters. With zero added sugar and minimal calories, it provides a guilt-free indulgence. The product line features six vibrant flavors, including Triple Berry, Peach Mango, and Watermelon Lime, each containing 10 calories or less.

Packaging with Personality

Staying true to Bubly’s playful branding, Bubly Burst bottles feature cheeky sayings and friendly salutations. The brand’s commitment to sustainability is evident in its use of 100% recycled PET bottles, aligning with consumer demand for eco-friendly packaging.

Market Impact and Consumer Reach

The launch of Bubly Burst is expected to accelerate Bubly’s growth and expand its consumer base. PepsiCo’s Chief Marketing Officer highlighted the brand’s ability to adapt to evolving market trends while maintaining the fun and playful energy that consumers love.

By Andrea Wilson

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