Blackhawks terminate Corey Perry’s contract for ‘unacceptable’ conduct


The Chicago Blackhawks announced on Tuesday that they have waived veteran winger Corey Perry to terminate his contract. The team said that Perry engaged in “unacceptable” conduct violating the rules of his contract and the Blackhawks’ team policies to create a professional work environment.

The team did not provide details on what Perry did but said that they took this step after conducting a thorough investigation and consulting with the NHL and the NHLPA. Perry, 38, signed a one-year deal with the Blackhawks this past offseason after winning two Stanley Cups with the Tampa Bay Lightning. He had four goals and five assists in 15 games with Chicago this season.


Perry’s agent contradicts the team’s statement

Perry’s agent, Pat Morris, released a statement shortly after the team’s announcement, saying that Perry stepped away from the team to attend to personal matters and that he and his family appreciated privacy at this time. Morris also said that Perry did not request to be waived or terminate his contract.

This contradicted the statement by Blackhawks general manager Kyle Davidson, who said on Saturday that Perry’s absence was a team decision and not Perry’s. Davidson also said that he was unable to comment on any possible outcome or reason for Perry’s situation, calling it “irresponsible to start ruling anything out.”

Perry’s career and legacy in question

Perry, who was drafted by the Anaheim Ducks in 2003, has played 1,226 games in the NHL, scoring 387 goals and 432 assists. He won the Hart Trophy as the league’s most valuable player in 2011, when he scored 50 goals for the Ducks. He also won the Stanley Cup with Anaheim in 2007 and represented Canada at the Olympics in 2010 and 2014, winning gold medals both times.

However, Perry has also been known as one of the most controversial and disliked players in the league, often drawing penalties and suspensions for his dirty and dangerous plays. He has been accused of elbowing, slashing, spearing, kneeing, and headbutting opponents, as well as spraying water bottles and throwing sticks at them. He has also been involved in several altercations with fans and officials.

Perry’s conduct has tarnished his reputation and legacy, and his latest incident with the Blackhawks may have ended his career. It is unclear whether any other team will be interested in signing him or whether he will face any further discipline from the league or the players’ association.

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