Barça Immersive Tour: A Unique Experience for Deaf People


FC Barcelona has invited a group of volunteers from the Catalan Association for the Promotion of Deaf People (ACAPPS) to visit the Barça Immersive Tour, a temporary exhibition that showcases the essence and history of the club through an audiovisual spectacle. The visit was part of the club’s commitment to improve accessibility and inclusion for people with hearing loss and their families.


What is the Barça Immersive Tour?

The Barça Immersive Tour is a new attraction that opened in October 2023, alongside the construction of the future Spotify Camp Nou, the club’s iconic stadium. The tour offers a journey through the most memorable moments and achievements of FC Barcelona, from its foundation in 1899 to the present day, using cutting-edge technology and immersive effects.

The tour consists of several zones, such as the Barça Museum, where visitors can see trophies, memorabilia, and interactive displays; the Construction Viewpoint, where they can observe the progress of the stadium renovation; and the Barça Virtual Dream, where they can experience what it feels like to be on the pitch with their favorite players.

The tour also features a Robokeeper, a robotic goalkeeper that challenges visitors to score a goal; a shirt customization service at the Barça Store; and a digital photo opportunity with the club’s mascot and logo.

How does the tour cater to deaf people?

One of the main goals of the Barça Immersive Tour is to make it accessible and enjoyable for everyone, regardless of their abilities or disabilities. That is why the club has collaborated with ACAPPS, a non-profit organization that works to promote the rights and well-being of deaf people and their families in Catalonia.

Thanks to this partnership, the tour has implemented several measures to facilitate communication and comprehension for people with hearing loss, such as:

  • An audio induction loop at the reception desk, which allows visitors with hearing aids or cochlear implants to hear the staff clearly without background noise.
  • A digital audio guide that provides information and narration in different languages, including Catalan Sign Language (LSC) and International Sign (IS).
  • Subtitles for all videos and audiovisual content in different languages, including LSC and IS.

What was the feedback from the ACAPPS volunteers?

On Wednesday, October 18, 2023, a group of volunteers from ACAPPS visited the Barça Immersive Tour as part of Diversity Month, an initiative by FC Barcelona’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion department to celebrate and raise awareness about different cultures and communities.

The volunteers were able to experience the tour from the perspective of people with hearing loss and provide their feedback and suggestions to improve it further. They also expressed their gratitude and appreciation for the club’s efforts to include them in its activities and projects.

Ariadna Cardelús, a member and volunteer at ACAPPS who lost her hearing at 27 years old, said: “The audio induction loop allowed me to communicate and clear up any problems I had before going in. Once inside, thanks to the audio guide and video subtitles, I was able to continue with my visit.”

She also added: “In my case, it is the first time I have been asked my opinion by an organization with the aim of inclusion despite my hearing disability. I was treated really well and our needs were taken into account at all times. I am really grateful and I hope other organizations take the trouble to work in a similar way.”

The Diversity, Equity and Inclusion department stated that it was vital for them to have genuine feedback from their fans and visitors, especially those with specific needs, to find out where they stand and how they can keep working towards providing the best possible experience for each community.

How can you visit the Barça Immersive Tour?

The Barça Immersive Tour is open every day from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm (except on match days), and tickets can be purchased online or at the ticket office. There are different types of tickets available, depending on what you want to see and do at the tour. For example:

  • The Basic Ticket includes access to the Barça Museum and the Construction Viewpoint.
  • The Total Xperience Ticket includes access to all zones of the tour, plus extras such as Robokeeper shots, shirt customization, digital photo, and a Barça gift.
  • The Virtual Xperience Ticket includes access to the Barça Museum, Construction Viewpoint, and Barça Virtual Dream.
  • The Sport Xperience Ticket includes access to all zones except Barça Virtual Dream, plus Robokeeper shots.
  • The Total Xperience + Basketball Arena Tour Ticket includes access to all zones of both tours (Barça Immersive Tour and Basketball Arena Tour), plus extras such as Robokeeper shots, shirt customization, digital photo, a Barça gift, and a ticket for a basketball or sections match.

You can find more information about prices, schedules, discounts, and accessibility on the official website.

If you are a fan of FC Barcelona and want to discover its history, values, and vision in a unique and immersive way, don’t miss the opportunity to visit the Barça Immersive Tour. And if you are deaf or have hearing loss, you can enjoy the tour with the help of the accessibility measures and the collaboration of ACAPPS. It is a great way to support your favorite club and have fun at the same time.

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