Bad Bunny Brings Star Power and Humor to Saturday Night Live

Bad Bunny

The Puerto Rican singer and rapper Bad Bunny made his debut as both the host and musical guest on Saturday Night Live, delivering a fun and energetic performance with some surprising celebrity cameos.

Bad Bunny

Pedro Pascal Helps Out with the Monologue

Bad Bunny started his monologue by addressing the concerns that some people might have about his hosting abilities, since English is not his first language. He said that he does whatever he wants, and proceeded to speak in Spanish for a while, changing the subtitles.

He was then joined by fellow Latino star Pedro Pascal, who played his translator and mentor. Pascal advised him to make some self-deprecating jokes and show some embarrassing photos of himself, but Bad Bunny refused, saying that he is too cool and confident for that. He also revealed that he has a tattoo of Pascal’s face on his chest, which made the Mandalorian actor blush.

Mick Jagger Crashes a Telenovela Sketch

One of the highlights of the night was a sketch that parodied a telenovela, featuring Bad Bunny as a handsome doctor who falls in love with a patient’s wife, played by Melissa Villaseñor. The sketch was full of dramatic twists and turns, such as Villaseñor revealing that she is actually a nun, and Bad Bunny confessing that he is actually her long-lost brother.

The sketch also featured a surprise appearance by Mick Jagger, who played the patient’s father and the villain of the story. Jagger sported a fake mustache and a thick accent, and slapped Bad Bunny and Villaseñor around. He also sang a snippet of “Start Me Up” before being shot by Villaseñor.

Lady Gaga Introduces Bad Bunny’s Musical Performance

Bad Bunny also showcased his musical talents by performing two songs from his latest album, El Último Tour del Mundo. The first song was “Un Preview”, which he performed on a yacht in Monaco, surrounded by dancers and champagne. The song was introduced by none other than Lady Gaga, who spoke in Spanish and praised Bad Bunny’s artistry.

The second song was “Yonaguni”, which he performed on a colorful stage with a live band and a giant inflatable dog. The song is a catchy blend of Spanish and Japanese lyrics, inspired by Bad Bunny’s desire to visit the Japanese island of Yonaguni after a breakup.

Other Notable Sketches

Besides the telenovela sketch, Bad Bunny also appeared in several other sketches throughout the night. He played a rapper who dissed himself in a rap battle, a nun who sang in a Sister Act parody, an overprotective boyfriend who confronted his girlfriend’s ex, and a contestant on The Bachelor who got eliminated for being too boring.

He also reprised his role as Eddie Nuñez, the co-host of the fictional show La Media Hora con Ana Navarro y Eddie Nuñez, alongside Cecily Strong as Ana Navarro. The sketch poked fun at the recent controversy involving former The View co-host Meghan McCain, who accused Navarro of replacing her on the show.

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